Poptart and Olliepop

by James Smith
(Richmond VA)

Poptart and Olliepop at 8 weeks

Poptart and Olliepop at 8 weeks

Back in 2012 I lost my beloved Schnauzer "Spanky" at the ripe old age of 18. I was devastated by the loss and after about a year had gone by I decided it was time to replace the love I had lost when he died.

After many hours of searching I finally came across a website with a picture of a Schnauzer pup that was almost identical to "Spanky" and decided that he was the one. While scrolling through the other pictures of puppies from his litter I stumbled on another picture of a female that was almost identical to him. I mean every shade from white to black in the exact same locations. They were truly twins! Of course, I decided to purchase both of them.

Popeye aka "Poppy" was the quiet watcher at first. He observed every little thing from a distance. He was somewhat skittish and shy. After a year of love and attention he is now the most alert, loving and protective dog I have ever owned. He has become the dominant dog in the household.

Olive aka "Ollie" was the investigative and very outspoken puppy always craving love and attention. She was always in the middle of the action. After a year She howls and practically sings when she greets you at the door and truly has the most vibrant and unique personality of any dog I have ever owned.

These two precious dogs rescued me from the sadness and loneliness I was feeling and I love them more than anything. Schnauzers truly rule!

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by: marylou

By the way the girls names are macie and gracie:)

healing uor hearts
by: marylou

I too lost my precious sissy at 6 yrs old to liver failure and it was the hardest feeling of pain that I have ever felt and like you I too was looking for puppy schnauzers that looked like my sissy but she was all silver and it was hard to find and all silver one in my area, but I found puppy's that were for sale and I felt very guilty if I was doing the right thing, then I read a poem about a dog that passed and it was telling it's owners that please move on and give all that love you have to another lucky puppy and we did we drove 2 hours and I wanted to take all 5 home with me but could only take 2 but they have helped me heal so much , not that I do not still tear up talking about her , good luck with your new babies these girls keep me busy but we love it God bless and have a great year:)

Adorable Pups
by: Mary

They look like identical twins, they are really adorable. I have one mini schnauzer. He is 11 years old and can't imagine being without him. He sits on my lap and "talks" to me with his different barks. Best of luck to you with your 2 new cutie pies!

2 Schnauzers are better than 1
by: Ginny

We had been told if you have 1 schnauzer you should have 2, they speak the same language. Finally convinced my husband to that when I saw a pup who I fell in love on line!! It was love at first sight, we had a 10 year old fella, who was a sweet guy, when we brought the pup home, old fella licked the pup's ears till they were sopping wet!!! He was so happy to have a friend!!! They were good buddies, it seemed to have brought some life and fun into Smokey's life, the old fella that is. Smokey was showing his age and we watched the bouts of "days not feeling well". The time came we thought his days were numbered so we wanted to get another mini schnauzer in place for our other fella. Smokey lasted another year and in July it was time to say our good byes, which are never ever easy. So we went from a 3 mini schnauzer to a 2 mini schnauzer family. The middle guy was not as happy with the 3rd fella but they are good buddies now and I do agree with the advice we heard many years ago, "If you have 1 Schnauzer, you should have 2!!" They do seem to speak the same language!! Enjoy your babies!!! They are adorable!!

Happy Family
by: Anonymous

Love the names. Schnauzers are special. So glad you all found and rescued each other. What a happy family!

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