Pauley & Missy

by Susie Rains

Pauley & Missy

Pauley & Missy

Pauley & Missy
My lil Pauley
My lil Missy

These are my 2 babies, Pauley and Missy. They are both rescue dogs in a way. Pauley came to live with us in December of 2009. A girl that I work with who is a single mom of 3 girls had Pauley and another male. She needed to move and couldn't take the dogs with her so I reluctantly agreed to take one. Pauley has been my best friend and shadow since he came into our home. He is not fond of little children and is very skittish. I have a feeling that the 3 little girls may have mistreated him at his former home.

Missy came into our lives in the winter of 2011 after a phone call from a friend in another city. Her neighbor had Missy and a grown Lab which were never allowed inside, did not have a dog house, and were not fed and watered often. Missy escaped their back yard in the middle of a blizzard and my friend took her in and swore she would find her a good home. One call to me is all it took.
Missy and Pauley have been wonderful together. They each have their own distinct personality but they go well together. They became parents to a litter of 5 puppies this past summer.

Schnauzers had never been my dream dog but now that I have 2 I don't know what I would do without them. They are my pride and joy and my best friends.

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reply to anonymous
by: Susie Rains

It is sad first off you can make a comment like that but not even leave your name. Now I will tell you that Missy showed no sign whatsoever of being in heat. I found out by getting up one morning and finding them joined. They mated one time only because I did keep them separated after that. I honestly didn't think it would "take" so I never had her checked. Yes I did let her go ahead and give birth to 5 beautiful babies, and no I don't know the pedigree behind either of my dogs. But you know what? I don't care about papers and my dogs can't read so I really don't think they care either. As soon as it was possible Missy was fixed so please don't judge me based on your own high and mighty opinion. I do know also that the owners of the 5 puppies didn't care if they came with a piece of paper. So please next time before you make a statement as you made to me get the facts first. I love my dogs and won't let a narrowminded person like you take that away from me.
To Bernice and Earl and Carolyn thank you for you nice comments.

Wonderful and good looking Schnauzers
by: Bernice

They are wonderful looking Schnauzer. Thank-You for rescuing them. They are two more Schnauzers in the world now getting the proper love and care. You can really enjoy the pair.

Please get them fixed!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for rescuing them, but I think it was irresponsible to breed them. You do not know the pedigree of these dogs and as these 2 prove there are already so many unwanted animals. If you haven't already Please get them fixed!

pauley & missy
by: earl & carolyn

Thank you for rescuing those wonderful dogs;

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