Outlaw Banjo Bear

by Stephanie Angelos
(Kenmore, WA USA)

Standing still for a change

Standing still for a change

After losing our 13 yr old Mini Schnauzer Riley our hearts were broken. Banjo has not taken away the memory but he keeps us so busy there's no time to be sad. The word that best describes him is CLOWN.

Banjo is strong willed yet eager to please. When he gets in trouble instead of sulking, he instantly does something cute as if to change the subject. He's smart as a whip and once we give him a command, he thinks for a while before obeying. We call this stubborn but the trainer said he is smart and actually processing. As with all puppies, nipping, mouthing, jumping on us, etc are things he's learning NOT to do and often fails. But from the get go, it was as if he understood how to be and act around small children. He is a perfect gentleman when he's with the kiddos in our neighborhood.

Banjo has a jet black coat that is so thick. He also uses his paws a lot and we've never had a dog that did that. He plays with his paws, pushes us away when we are trying to brush him and even swats at us if he's getting a stern talking to.

If he had thumbs, we'd be in trouble.

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by: Loretta

He has the most irresistible face! He has that look - I know it well - Look up my Chewy - Choo Choo! They have the same look! I love my little guy lots, but also want to kiss Banjo's little face! Best of luck and please give him a lot of kisses for me!

xo Loretta (Chewy's mommy)

Tiki Too!
by: Monica

He is adorable! My Tiki does the same thing with her paws. It's as if they truly wish they had hands. She'll even try and 'grab' onto my leg when she isn't done being petted. Hopefully you will have just as many years with this furry angel as you did with your last!

by: Emily

how beautiful you are

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