Our sweet Chloe Marie

by Nanette Wilson
(Rockland, PA USA)

We said goodbye on April 27, 2015 to our precious 6 yr. old schnauzer, Chloe Marie. We are heartbroken and angry that she was taken so young and had to suffer with this horrendous disease.

She was diagnosed January 23, 2015 with acute kidney failure. After spending 6 days/nights at our local vet, then she spent 6 days/nights at a veterinarian specialty hospital under the care of an internal medicine vet and on continuous IV fluids to flush toxins from her kidneys. They did so many tests, poked and prodded her, but could never make a diagnosis as to the cause.

As the hospital was 100 miles away, we visited only every other day. That was torture, not being able to see my girl and not knowing if they were taking good care of her and knowing she was probably terrified. We brought her home February 11 and started her on twice daily subcutaneous fluids to flush toxins. We fixed her special foods and syringe fed her as she wouldn't eat on her own. Got advice from other kidney dog parents on different things to try, special vitamins and supplements. She was on several belly pills and antacids as she was nauseous. She lost weight despite all this and became lethargic. She had always been a full of energy girl so this really broke our hearts.

We kept praying for a miracle and had so many prayer chains going for her but it wasn't enough. We still don't know why she got this. She loved to seek things to chew on (worse than when she was a puppy) and I pray that she didn't find something toxic around the house as I would never forgive myself for that, although it wouldn't have been intentional. It may have been hereditary.

I cry everyday when I remember her little antics and how she made us laugh on a daily basis. We have not gotten her ashes back yet but I know that will be a gut-wrenching day. We have her Mom and Dad and 2 sisters so that helps with the pain. We had just lost her 6 yr.old puggle sister a month before due to seizures.

Rest in peace my sweet babies. We will be together again. I love you Chloe Marie and Sassy.

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Oct 16, 2015
Sweet Chloe Marie
by: Jen

It was heartbreaking to read what your sweet Chloe Marie had to go through. It's not fair that such a young little girl would have to endure so much suffering. It had to be horrible to watch her go through this and you did so much to try and help her. So truly sad.

We too cry everyday for our sweet little Lola. She left us suddenly and hopefully didn't suffer much but we will always wonder why it happened. Lola was very girly and I'm sure her and Chloe are playing and having fun together. They are now our little angels watching us from heaven. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace.

Jun 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

So sorry about your precious baby. Kidney failure is a heartbreaking way to lose them. I suffer feelings of anger, that Chloe was so young, and feelings of guilt, thinking maybe we dropped a pill that she got or using some cleaner that affected her. I try not to beat myself up too much though because it also could have been congenital or an infection. I will keep you and Oreo in my prayers.

Jun 14, 2015
Lost my Oreo
by: Anonymous

I just lost my 7yr old schnauzer to kidney failure. I too can't understand how this happened. The vet also explained that she must've eaten something toxin. But I can't think of anything in the house that would be toxin. I also have a 7mts old mini schnauzer that would follow her around. She looks a bit depress as Oreo is not around. I feel so much guilt. I still can't believe she's gone. So I understand your frustration. I hope I can find some closure.

May 18, 2015
sweet Chloe Marie
by: T

So very sorry for the loss of your sweet Chloe Marie. Recently lost my good boy Joey - struggle every day in grief. I pray for comfort for you and your family in the days ahead. Understand your sorrow and pain. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

May 18, 2015
So Unfair
by: Jackie

I'm am so so sorry about your loss of Chloe Marie. How sad that her life was cut so short. I love my schnauzers more than anything and I feel your pain. You expect that they will live on and on. Whilst you'll never be able to replace her, and she'll live in your heart forever, and you need time to grieve, maybe another little schnauzer baby will help you through this hard time. When my Banjo passed away last year (he was a week off turning 13 years), I was in so much grief. I went and bought Cookie about a month later because the house felt so empty. She brought so much joy to the home. She's 14 months old now and I can't imagine my life without her. I bought a companion schnauzer for her last November (he's 2 in June) and they are the best of friends and I never stop laughing at their antics. They are such wonderful dogs.

Take care of yourself. I hope that you'll be okay.

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