Our Molly!

by Joel M
(Bear, DE)

Molly at 6 months

Molly at 6 months

My wife and I always had Chihuahuas and we still have two. In 2009, one of our trio, Joey, passed away suddenly without warning at the young age of nine. We were so heartbroken over this that we decided we were not getting anymore dogs after the remaining two pass. We still have the two chihuahuas and one day in October 2011 while out and about, my wife was in a pet store and fell in love with a Mauzer (Maltese/Mini Schnauzer mix) pup and called me to ask if we could buy her. I had said no because we told ourselves we were finished with having the pain of losing our friend.

I returned home that night and my wife somehow heard me say YES when I clearly said no. But that did not matter, Molly was the cutest most loveable puppy I had ever met and we fell in love with her. We found out along the way that there is a lot of things about her that are so Joey. We think that she may actually be in possession of Joey's soul. Molly is 15 months now and just as she turned 1, she had to have that frightful stones surgery (poor baby). So far she has fully recovered and as active as ever.

It is funny how I was against my wife purchasing her, but I am glad she ignored my order... I plan to get another one as soon as we can afford to. Schnauzers are everything that you read about them; loyal, loving and just full of life.

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