Our Bellanita

by June Simpson
(San Antonio, TX)

Our Bella loves to pose for the camera

Our Bella loves to pose for the camera

Our Bella loves to pose for the camera
she devil
no pictures please
i'm driving! lol

Where to begin, this loving and very important member of our family came into our lives about two years ago. A dear friend of ours found her (Mini schnauzer Bella) hiding in a bush while two really big dogs were trying to get her. She was terrified and was relieved when he came to her rescue.

Bella was covered from head to toe in sand spurs. He took her home but immediately realized his Pug and Mini Doberman were not going to accept her in the family, so he called us. When I arrived and walked into his house, Bella jumped in my arms. I knew she was mine!

We put up signs in the area he had found her in asking to call us and if they could describe the pattern on her collar then we would know she belonged to them. Her collar had no tags, but no one ever called. Lucky for us, she fell in love with us as much as we did with her.

Bella is the reason why we stay home so much if she can't go with us. She is the reason why we rush home when ever we do leave. She has a brother (American-Short Hair Cat, named Junior) who she loves. They love to bathe each other and love to take naps together. She is so spoiled by everyone and she spoils us with all her love and affection. My husband is even going to get her picture tattooed on his leg! LOL It's safe to say that she is the best dog ever!

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by: Anonymous

She is God's gift. We have had five schnauzers and each one is unique; however, they all are pure love and devotion. Enjoy her.

by: Anonymous

thank you for rescuing her;

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