Oliver is Wasting Away in Margaritaville

by Paula Schlossberg
(Woodbury, NY)

Full Speed Ahead.  Where's the poop deck?

Full Speed Ahead. Where's the poop deck?

Oliver is our ten month old Mini Schnauzer. This is a picture of him out on our friend's boat in Chatham, Massachusetts. The boat is called the Liveliner and it is a Sport Fishing boat that is run by Captain Russell Peterson.

On this particular trip, we were staying at the Chatham Bars Inn and Oliver had a cottage all to himself. You might say he is the most spoiled Schnauzer ever. Just look at those shades and his posture as he sits on the boat.

When the trip was over, we went to visit with Captain Russ' dog, Oscar who is a European Doberman. Oliver just sat there looking up at him with his glasses on as if to say, "I've seen bigger dogs than you and you don't scare me one bit pal." Oscar had no idea what to do with such a little dog looking up at him without showing any sort of submissive posture.

In addition, while we were out on the boat, we had a bag of Olivers favorite cookies from Petco. They are the ones that look like vanilla oreos. Well, the Captain's girls were giving Oliver treats, but one of the girls did not realize the cookies were Olivers and took a bite. We were fishing, but when we turned and saw her munching on the cookie, we said, "Those are Oliver's cookies, but we are sure he doesn't mind sharing." The other girls laughed and the little girl who took a bite of Oliver's cookie gave him the rest of it while we all had a good laugh.

It was a great day on the water with some great friends. We are looking forward to getting out on the water with Oliver again soon. He seems to love the boat, his shades, and the comfort of his life jacket. He said next time he wants us to catch a Great White instead of just Blue fish.

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My little man Charlie
by: Mary

Hes a sweet little fella , they don't care where you take them as long as there with you!! The best dogs in the world

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