My Vocal Swimmer

by Jaime
(Porthope, ON)

Milo after a dip in the river

Milo after a dip in the river

This picture pretty much says it all. Milo just turned 1. He also recently learned that swimming is very fun. It's his new favorite past time. In this picture he just finished swimming in the river. He hasn't quite mastered the shake off yet.

Milo is a very sweet boy with a lot of character. He barks at just about anything and suffers from a serious case of 'little dog syndrome' ;) He's basically the boss wherever he goes. Milo is very affectionate and gives the best cuddles. Where you lay him, he will stay. If you’re having a bad day, 5 minutes with Milo is all you need to brighten your day. Milo is our first small dog and now we cannot believe we waited this long. My family and I would not trade him for the world, he's a keeper. We hope you enjoy this picture as much as we did :)

Schnauzer of the Month Winner

Comments for My Vocal Swimmer

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by: Danielle

Little is the winner!! What a precious boy!

wet dog
by: Anonymous

How cute! Congratulations on winning this month!

Sweet boy.
by: Binny

Did he just learn to swim? What a cute boy!

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