My Three Mini Schnauzer's

by Joyce Harrison
(Lafayette, LA, USA)

Let's Play Tug-of-War!!!

Let's Play Tug-of-War!!!

Let's Play Tug-of-War!!!
Hey, guys!!!  What this in our yard???
It's nap time!!!

Miniature Schnauzers Toby, Molly, and Puma ...

Molly was lost, and wandered up to my son-in-law's business, where my grand-daughter, Lauren, was working. Molly (her new name) was very thin and shaggy, hungry, dirty, and full of fleas. Lauren took her home where she fed and bathed her (getting rid of all the fleas) and of course gave her lots of love and attention. She ran an ad in the local newspaper for 2 weeks, and no one claimed her, so my husband and I decided to adopt her.

Lauren's parents had a Mini Schnauzer named Buddy, who did not like this new little girl coming into his territory. However, he did get the chance to breed her ... on morning of the day I brought her home, August 30, 2011. As fate would have it, my vet announced that she was pregnant ... and delivered 4 precious puppies (2 males and 2 females)on October 30, 2011. Family members were anxious to take them home ... but as it turned out, apartment living was not to be for Toby and Puma, so we were blessed with keeping them as a part of our family, and the 2 females have loving homes, also!!!

Molly LOVES playing with her boys ... and definitely does not have lonely days like she did before they came along!!! They are a constant source of entertainment, and their expression of love for us and each other is just amazing!!!

Puma was the first born, and the runt of the litter, but you could never tell it now, as he has outgrown ALL of them. He is very sweet, looks directly into your eyes, and loves to give kisses!!!

Toby was the second born, and before he could walk, he would hear TV noise on the speaker and stare and "bark" at it. He is an avid hunter ... always has his ears up listening for squirrels, yard critters, or neighbors and/or pets getting their morning and afternoon exercise!!!

We are so blessed to have these three sweet fur-balls in our lives!!!

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