My sweet Jeht

by Lisa R.
(Round Rock, TX, USA)

Jeht came to me at a time of great loss. My dear Mom had just passed suddenly a couple of months before, in 2013. I was struggling greatly to deal with her passing, and my heart and soul were dark and in a bad place. Then, Jeht came into my life. He was my first Schnauzer, and won my heart immediately. He was this cute little ball of fur who was my best friend from the get-go. He patiently showed me the way back to love, laughter and smiles. He was a sweet, funny boy that always knew when I needed a puppy kiss, a crazy antic to make me laugh, or just to lay quietly with his head in my lap. He did this really silly thing we called "The Booty Dance" when we'd scratch his back. He'd push his head into your leg and his back legs would just be dancing around all over the place. It was so cute and funny. He loved his people, too. Where we went, he went. No room in the house was off limits if we were in it. He wanted to be right there, checking out what was going on, making sure we were OK at all times. He was a curious thing, and always had to be in the middle of it all. I spent a lot of time moving him off of wrapping paper, away from the vacuum cleaner, and stepping over him in the kitchen. (And I loved every single minute of it.) He may have been small, but he watched over us with the fierceness of a lion, if he thought we were hurting or in threatened. (How DARE that bird sit on our fence??!!) His bark could wake the neighborhood! But, everyone loved him. He was a sucker for a treat or a rub on the belly. He was just the best dog. I loved him with all my heart and I lost my heart again when he passed in 2016. Twelve years was simply not long enough to have him in my life. I still expect to see his little head poking in the bathroom door when I am in there, or feel him laying on my feet at night. Even now, the tears come quickly when I think of him, but so do the smiles. I will always love him and always miss him until I see him again at the Rainbow Bridge, one day. Good boy, Jeht... Mommy loves you, little man.

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Feb 02, 2020
by: Sampath Parthasarathy

You wrote so nicely that it brought tears to my eyes. I have two minis, silly little cuties who make me really laugh. One of them talks to me, a great talker. They are 7 and 5 and I am worried about the day-me (72) or one of them

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