My Riley

by Beth Leonard

Miniature Schnauzer Riley

Miniature Schnauzer Riley

Riley is a Female Miniature Schnauzer and 10 months old. Her birthday will be Sept. 21st.

Riley is quite a character. We are not used to owning a puppy so high energy. 2 walks a day and 2 hours at the dog park still does not slow Riley down. 4am she has to go outside to check things out. We own 2 cats so they may bring some interesting things home with them and usually do. Which gets Riley into trouble. She can find trouble without looking for it.

She is a favourite at the dog park the people think she is quite a dog. The way she can jump and gets the other dogs going. Her favourite dog at the dog park is a Bassett Hound. When those two get together all I can say is Riley is covered in drool. I heard people who have had Schnauzers that they are on their 2nd dog. They didn't say all the good and bad things about them until after the fact. Well all in all we wouldn't trade her for the world.

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