My mini schnauzer is ignorant

We have a mini schnauzer pup, about 4 months old. He is a great family dog but we are having issues getting him to come when called. My husband and I have owned many dogs over the years, lived on farms with working dogs, had a couple of house dogs etc. All have been very obedient and we have had no trouble training them to do whatever we wanted. Our schnauzer , however, is a different story. He seems to be very independent and doesn't really care or try to please us like most of our other dogs do. When he is inside he loves cuddles and attention and can be a real sook, although if he is comfortable where he is he won't get up and come over when called. He is treated like a prince, with boundaries though, but never rushes to the door to say hello when we have been out. The biggest problem we have is getting him to come to us, I have never had a dog that won't come when called and I'm finding it really frustrating. If he is playing with our kelpie he will not even look up when I call him. In general he will only come when he wants too. I've been giving treats and rewarding good behaviour but really he just doesn't care and would rather do his own thing. He basically ignores me until he feels like paying attention. I've trained him the same as every other dog I have owned over the years and he is the only one that won't respond! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if he would come when called he would tick all the boxes for an awesome dog.

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by: Anonymous

Not ignorant but stubborn

by: Phyllis

He may need a higher value you reward. Small bites of raw chicken breast did the trick for our Evie. I also started running away from her yelling come. She liked the chase.

We had aShiba Inu who was indifferent. She'd actually sniff my hand for a treat, and if there was none she'd just walk away. Once that happened she'd just lay there looking at us like we were idiots.

Hope you find a solution. Good luck.

Stubborn Schnauzers
by: Jackie

Hello! I sense your frustration with your schnauzer but hang in there. He's only a baby! I have had Cookie from 6 weeks of age - she's now 3.5 years old. She was quite stubborn at first and took some time to train but she's a terrific dog now and mostly obedient. I have another schnauzer also, he's 4.5 years old, and I have had him since he was 14 months old and he's pretty lazy and can be so stubborn when out walking but mostly he's a good boy. They're a different sort of breed to most dogs and they do have a mind of their own but, if you are persistent, it will be worth it. They can be aloof and distant at times but the obedience will come. Cookie was a disaster at 4 months of age but, as I said earlier, she's a terrific dog now and responds well to my commands. Good luck! Don't give up on him! It will be worth the pain.

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