My little man Charlie

by Mary Palmieri
(Irmo,SC USA)

Mini Schnauzer Charlie

Mini Schnauzer Charlie

Mini Schnauzer Charlie
My Litttle Man Charlie
Schnauzer Charlie the Biker
Charlie loves Mom

I had a friend who was going through a rough time in life and I told her she needed a Schnauzer, that would help her more than she would ever know. Well, she asked me to start looking so I did and I found a wonderful breeder and got Lily for her she is solid black, I already had a white Schnauzer. It was about a week after my friend had her Lily that she was a new person and the breeder called me asking if I knew anyone who would be interested in one of her brothers. Well need I say more...

I went to visit and that's when our eyes met and I knew he would be the love of my life, my Black & Silver Charlie. He is my everything, he even rides the Harley with me and has been to Daytona bike week 2 times. The more bikes and people, the more he loves it. He wears his goggles until I set him on the ground then he pulls them down. He has a leather look biker jacket with a BITE ME patch sewn on and he is the life of the party. I have a video on youtube of him riding he rides on a sheepskin and has a harness on that's attached to me so I don't fall off... heehee.

Charlie loves me to pieces and if that door opens he's ready to go. He loves the ocean too. I've taken him rafting and I don't think there's anything he wouldn't do, or places he wouldn't go. He's just my amazing little man... Oh yes he has his own facebook page Charlie TheSchnauzer you can be his friend....

Personally I've had so many different breeds in my life, but I've had 3 Schnauzers and they are the only breed for me. Like I tell everyone if God made anything better, he kept it for himself!!!

Comments for My little man Charlie

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by: Anonymous

you need to contact me , we need to talk . Unblock me on FB .

your cuz
by: Pierre

hi charlie
your cuz here. no i am not owned but god, just by french kings, your mom loves great pyraneese too!
ready for another play date..

by: Anonymous

Best doggie ever, hip, cool and smart to boot:) Love his fashion sense and his love for mom and country:)

too sexy
by: Debra Steinbaugh

Charlie is too sexy for his shades, too sexy for his jeans, too sexy for all eyes upon him! that's why we love him! xoxoxo

Sweet Boy
by: Anonymous

Charlie is the best and boy does he loves his mommy.

Charlie Rocks!
by: Tshirt

He can bring the sunshine into your life on bad days you are having. You could be upset and yet he can make you laugh. Never been more of a handsome dog anywhere else. Best boy out there!!! Not to mention he is as handsome as he can get on the motorcycle too!

what a stud
by: Anonymous

oh charlie is too cute in his denim jeans and snazzy shirt!

by: Anonymous

If Mary says that Charlie ... :s the BEST_.. well, that's enough for me. Never meet this little guy!!

Born to Ride
by: Anonymous

Charlie is so cute! I love seeing another schnazer who loves to ride just like my Steeler!

charlie , just like his Mom
by: Kemp

Motorcycle Charlie,he.loves everybody, Just like his Mom and everybody loves him,.even kitty cats

Our little man Charlie & his Mommy
by: Janice

Charlie, will steal your heart, he listens to everything, to make sure he is included. Maybe after he turns 5 , he Will be able to get on computer & tell you all about his life, because his mommy thinks he should go to school! Everybody knows Charlie and his Mommy and loves both of to My Little Man Charlie & his mommy Mary

Awesome Charlie!
by: Lynn Vitale

This Lil Guys personality shines! He is an amazing dog.

Epitome of Love and Loyalty!
by: Anonymous

Charlie is the most loyal, devoted, loving dog Mary could ever have. As a recent roomate, I know. Mary goes to work at 7:30 in the morning and returns at 5:30 that afternoon. Charlie lays on the carpet staring at the front door the entire day until Mary returns home. Then he jumps into her arms - an excited bundle of love!

Charlie's Swag
by: D. Walters

Charlie is adorable like his owner! Love his great fashion sense.

Biker Dog
by: Todd G.

My wife and ride and have really enjoyed the open road with
Mary and Charlie. He's always excited to go riding anytime he hears the bikes firing up. Not a big fan of fireworks, though. The first time we met Charlie was hanging out at the lake on the 4th to watch fireworks. Mary had to go get her bike and I carried Charlie over when she pulled up to leave. He was scared to death and shivering but never tried to get away from me even though he didn't really know me. He's a great little guy. Happy I have gotten to know him.

by: Sadie

He is such an amazing and well behaved little
guy and loves his mommy to death!! We have
rode and gone camping with Mary and Charlie and
have to say he is the talk of the town wherever
he goes. He is as beautiful on the inside as he is
on the outside!!

by: Megan

Charlie is the sweetest little boy and he loves his MOM and he loves to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles with his MOM!!! These are adorable pictures but I love the one dressed up and "praying"!!

Charlie!! The little man!
by: Anonymous

Charlie is so amazing. He loves dressing up & going everywhere Mary takes him. He's the Best!!!!

Charlie!! The little man!
by: Anonymous

Charlie is so amazing. He loves dressing up & going everywhere Mary takes him. He's the Best!!!!

by: Anonymous

Charlie is so cool. Just love him.

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