My little buddy Winston

by Cindy Guse
(Indio, California)

Winston and Baby Bear

Winston and Baby Bear

Winston was a part of my life for 13 years and was the greatest dog ever. 13 years ago my husband gave me Winston as a Christmas present. I can remember the family was at the Ritz Carlton for Christmas dinner and we had Winston with us. We went outside and Winston walked right into the pool. My husband had to retrieve him and after that Winston never liked the water.

Playful as a puppy and until he passed, always was looking to play with his baby bear. I used to call his animal toys his baby bear. He was a great guard dog and would let me know if someone was walking their dog. Winston would also run around the side yard and watch me leave the house. He and his companion Charlotte would always greet visitors at the door and would be so excited. Sleeping with me every night was a ritual along with Charlotte. He loved Charlotte and was so affectionate to her.

I can remember taking a road trip one summer with Winston and Charlotte one year to visit my son in Northern California. I put the dogs in the back of the car on a down comforter then their dog beds on top so they could see out the window. Winston was so excited to go and was licking me telling me how much he liked going bye bye.

The park was always our Saturday favorite outing. The park has water and ducks and the dogs were always so excited. I used to say "do you want to go see the ducks."

As Winston got older he would sit and watch me intensely. Many times would sit and look up when I was on the computer and growl as saying "get off the computer" and pay attention to me.

In his last year I could tell Winston was slowing down. In the evening especially,he didn't care for being in the mix of a lot of activity in the living room. He would go and sleep on my bed and lay there until I was ready to go to bed. That was his bed, my bed!

Tuesday March 22, 2017 as we were taking our daily walk, Winston had his first seizure (always very healthy), I took him to the vet and they stabilized him and he was fine the next day. Thursday while we were taking another walk, he had another seizure. He stopped eating and passed away early Sunday morning.

Winston was a playful little boy that will never be forgotten. He will be my forever buddy...

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Jul 10, 2017
by: T St louis

Winston looks so much like my Joey boy. He always had a toy, too- even in the last year's of his life. They are great little family members and it hurts so when they have to leave us. Very sorry you lost your handsome boy. Take care.

Jun 30, 2017
I've been through this sorrow too :(
by: Luis

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your Winston reminds me of my Luna, who was 14 and died two years ago due to kidney failure. Though Luna wasn't even dying, my family decided to finally put her to sleep because her kidney wasn't working anymore and she would have started to have seizures from that moment. Her last months she did lose a lot of weight and had less energy than before, sadly. Thank God your Winston died more of natural causes and was always healthy before the seizures. I'm not sure if I'll have a dog again, at least one that I loved so much. Although I like and care about them, I don't want to pass again through the experience of using the lethal injection on a dog whom I loved so much and was my best friend. Only good memories with our Winston and Luna will be kept alive in our hearts because that's the most important thing. Time will help us ease the deep pain of losing them. I send you a big hug.

Jun 21, 2017
by: Cindy

Hello Susan,

As you mentioned with your Otto, I believe it was Winston's time to go. After his seizures, he would just lay outside on the grass and I knew he wasn't well. His seizures came so fast that his little body couldn't handle it. I think he also had a brain tumor, he started trembling a couple of years ago off and on.

On a brighter note, I just brought home another male schnauzer. His name is Tucker and he is 2 months old. He is black and silver coloring. My 12 year old Charlotte loves him and is teaching him. I don't know where you live, but the breeder lives in Hemet, California. Her website is She is also on Facebook. Her pups and parents are amazing.

Thank you again for your comment.

Take care.


Jun 03, 2017
My Otto
by: Susan Holden

Hi, your post reminded me so much of my sweet baby Otto, he too crossed the rainbow bridge last year at age 13 after seizures and a brain tumor. Exact same slow down before it came out of the blue and even though we tried treatment it was his time. My husband likes to say that he lived a wonderful life and did not want to go out slowly, so he "dropped the mic" when it was his time. Your boy was beautiful as was mine. We are going to try again after a break, Otto will never be replaced but I now know I cannot live my life again without a schnauzer in it. Take care, much love to you at this difficult time.

Jun 02, 2017
RIP Winston <3
by: Anonymous

He surely is playing and jumping from cloud to cloud in puppies heaven. <3

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