Mr. Whisker & Princess Leah Miniature Schnauzers

by Maritza
(Miramar, Fl, USA)

Mr. Whisker & Princess Leah

Mr. Whisker & Princess Leah

You both were the best companions a family could ever ask for.

Friendly and lovable you both were. They loved to be held and petted. They were both lap dogs and had the funniest personalities. If you stopped petting them they would move your hand to keep going :)

They loved to play come and get me. Where they chased me and I would grab them and tickle them. They were my nap companions and netflix buddies. I miss you following me around the entire house. You both were an extra part of me.

Whisker was 14 1/2 years old and was going into liver failure and he was almost blind. He stopped eating and was slowly slipping away from us. Whisker your time was near and the angels took you.

Princess Leah was only 9 years old, she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in Dec '15 and had a few mishaps, such as breaking three nails (ouch). She was under treatment and I had purchased pet insurance . We were ready to battle her disease and get her back to normal, when she decided to follow you.

We had decided the struggle was too much on Whisker and took him in so he can rest and go to heaven.

Just a week later, Leah decided to leave us as well, because she missed you so. I was lucky enough to see her and play with her in my lunchtime from work. She waited for me to say good bye (tear). She was quickly taken from us 20 min later.

The shock of seeing my baby girl laying on the floor and not moving was so terrible to bear. The hospital stated that if we had not started CPR there was nothing they could do to save her.

The shock of both of my babies being taken within a week of each other is so hard to bear. I never thought my heart could be broken twice. You were both taken away from us so quickly. The pain and heartache is unbearable. We miss you so much, I feel you are near us, protecting us, watching over us. Till we meet again my furry friends you both have a place in my heart that will never be whole.

I will always love you both immensely. Your human companion that misses you..... Mommy to my two babies. Till we meet again ... 03.28.16 & 04.04.16

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Aug 07, 2016
So sorry for your loss as well
by: Maritza - Miramar Fl

So sorry for your loss AnoDerek Snymous . Yours passed away one month after my Leah & Whisker. It is still heartbreaking to bear. I am always thinking of them. It will not be easy, but the pain is less but the memories are stronger than ever. I hope to never lose sight of a single moment of my memories with them.

I hope that you can bear the pain as well.

My hope is to meet them in heaven as well, along with my baby Holland lop rabbit. This year has been very tough. I hope that one day soon you and I will be able to make a new doggie friend. :)

Aug 06, 2016
Great looking dogs
by: AnoDerek Snymous

Your dogs look so beautiful. I lost my schnauzer on May 4 2016 but I couldn't imagine losing two in a week. I'm so sorry for your pain and I hope we both get to see our dogs again someday. That is the only thing I wish for in my life.

May 16, 2016
Mr. Whisker & Princess Leah
by: Maritza - Miramar, FL

Thank you Jen, Phyllis and T St. Louis for your kind words. It has been a very difficult few weeks. I am grateful for the Schnauzers Rule to have a forum like this.

May 07, 2016
So Sorry For Your Loss
by: Jen

So sorry you lost two of your beautiful babies so close together. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I'm sure they are in heaven playing together and you will see them again someday. Hugs 😢 💞

May 07, 2016
Mr. Whisker & Princess Leah
by: Maritza - Miramar, FL

It has been a long month without you both. I miss you both immensely. You crept so deep in my heart and I am at a loss with out you both. I look for you unconsciously, think about you all the time and talk to you both out-loud. I know you both are in a better place, but the pain is unbearable. Princess Leah you were so unexpected the loss for you is harder to bear.
Another day without you both. :(

May 02, 2016
Whisker and Princess
by: T St Louis

I am so very sorry you lost both your beautiful little buddies. So close together,too. My heart breaks for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care.

Apr 29, 2016
by: PhylliS

So sorry for your loss.

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