Mr. Fritz K. Zellner

When Hilde found herself alone for the first time in her wonderful life she was not without grace but she was not without pain and it could not be overcome.

I went to Schnauzer Rescue in search of an acceptable companion for our family and her and there I found the perfect boy. He was riding on Kay Woody's hip and she was not about to let him go. She looked me up and down and asked me a few seemingly judgmental questions. Then, over the noise of many little girls and boys, all having or needing a home, she said I could take him from her and walk him just a bit.

Kay Woody is a schnauzer angel that you should know and never cross when it comes to her dogs and her trains. God sent her here to spend her time and her money when it isn't likely that anyone else will. She saves many little doggies who need a home. I knew I liked her right away and she knew right away that Fritz had found a home. How she knew, I don't know. But we most quickly agreed.

I never had a male and I knew that he was white and that somehow made him a lesser dog in many eyes. He was beautiful. His eyes were big and round, his nose a dot just the right size and shape and his ears were folded perfectly - and even though he had a faint scar all the way around his torso he had no grudge and loved everyone he met.

After taking Mr. Fritz K. Zellner home to Hilde it was clear that the best decision I ever made was unfolding in front if my eyes. He was gentle and calm. He knew that she was old and yet he knew that she was lively in her own dignified way. He never "bugged" that precious lady, but he did calmly approach and lay next to Hilde at her acceptance.

At the end of the first week I called my Brother and said, "come and see Mr. Fritz! I've taught him five tricks already and he does them every time. He knows sit and shake, down and over, and give me a hug with both paws on a shoulder and his head tilted to mine!" So, Randy came to see what Fritz could do. When he got there I looked straight into the large, round brown eyes and said in preparation and with some firmness… "Fritz!!!" At which time without another word, Fritz sat, shook my hand, laid down, rolled over and got up and gave me a hug! That was my boy.

Not too much time passed before Hilde agreed to leave. One morning she woke in distress and by noon she was gone. The last of the sisters passed away. And now, Mr. Fritz, dog extraordinaire, was confused. He had most likely never been alone and he missed the old one.

I went searching and found schnauzer number seven (over the past 27 years) and off we went in the tiny motorhome to see if she would do. She was, indeed, very cute and very playful and dived into Fritz right away. She dug a hole in our hearts and wouldn't come out at all. Fritz played gently and then more vigorously as Sophie grew and could hold her own. And he was in heaven as was she. He slept by day with his head on her little body and by night with it on my shoulder.

If you could write down what you wanted in a little schnauzer, it would be Mr. Fritz. All except for the tick disease that he had and that laid dormant long enough for me to fall deeply and irreversibly, as happens with these sweet dogs with brows and beards and occasional "ah woos!" He and I fought together and beat it all against the odds but then one day he didn't smile and even though we went to see our favorite Dr. Jane right away, it was too late for Mr. Fritz and his little kidneys that just suddenly stopped. He was two hers old. Stunned is a word that explains nothing. That is what it means.. no possibility of understanding at all. So I am stunned.

He was such a blessing that all that knew him feel a void. HIs groomer who is an exceptional breeder and has champion schnauzers of her own, and who had said at first…"he's white…" grew to love him very much. Everyone that knew Mr. Fritz loved him.

Now I have a very sad Sophie who barks very little but cries when left alone. She had a joyous relationship and wants it back. She mourns. So I am looking for, yes, you must have known, a miniature schnauzer for Sophie and me, and my small family. Surely, God will bless us once again with a miniature schnauzer that wants to be part of our family where many schnauzers have loved to be.

Thank you, Mr. Fritz!!

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Feb 26, 2014
It hurts
by: Anonymous

I lost my first schnauzer, Sir Reginald the Charming Rascal at two years old to Lymphoma. We fought with everything we had and didn't have, but we still lost him. That was 5.5 years ago and I still think of him everyday. He left a hole in my heart that will never go away. He was my baby. My velcro dog. The best thing I ever did was get another schnauzer. Lady Buffy helped me through the grieving process. I really don't think I could have made it without her. She and her little brother Lord Spike comfort me every day. So being the experienced Schnauzer lover that you are I'm sure that you know that you NEED another for your little girl and yourself!! I do believe we will see them again otherwise whats the point?! God Bless!

Feb 26, 2014
Darling Mr.Fritz
by: Sasha's mum Anjali

Wonderful to read your writing,
Mr.Fritz was such a lovely boy... soo cute..

Kindly rescue another mini and let that one be part of your lovely home.
Hope to see your new write up and Sophie and the newbie..

RIP darling Fritz... you are fore ever in the hearts of your lil family...

Feb 26, 2014
mr. fritz
by: Anonymous

thank you for rescuing the ones who need it so badly;i am so sorry for your loss;my good boy casper (R.I.P.)was a white also and perhaps the best dog i ever had;

casper and toby:look out for mr fritz

Feb 26, 2014
Bless you Mr. Fritz
by: chaco kid

Dear Mr. Fritz- you, and those lovely little bearded ones so like you, are why so many of us are happy, stable humans. We are so grateful you come and stay with us a while - teach us about love, loyalty, gentle kindness, and patience... Even if that time is much too short.

See you on the other side! :D

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