Miniature Schnauzers Ginger and Roxy

by Virginia Ramos
(Ansonia CT USA)

I got Ginger about 2 months after my other schnauzer, (Lady) passed away. I saw her in the pet shop and she was the replica of my Lady, except for the ears. She is now 4 years old. Their personality is identical and also their habits. Is like having Lady back with me.

Ginger is very sociable, she loves to be pet by anyone, enjoy windy days and loves going for a walk. She enjoys watching the animal planet channel on tv, she is fearless and a very brave dog. She travels with me to NJ to visit my kids. When is time to take a bath I can't let her see the towel because she will hide from me. Ginger likes any kind of toys as long as I play with her. Empty water bottles, balls and fribies to mention some of her favorite toys.

Roxy in the other hand stole my heart. After I got Ginger I saw Roxy in the pet shop. Some how she caught my attention, but I refused to buy another dog. I went back to the pet shop to buy dog food for Ginger, and I peeked to see if Roxy was still there. Well, she was still there after almost 4 months later. She kept looking at me, I got to played with her in a separate room along with Ginger, to see if she was aggressive. I refused to buy her that day because I was traveling to another state for the holidays. Two weeks after I went back and I bought her. She is 4 years old now. She is my little shadow I love her just the same. Her and Ginger are very different. Roxy is very calm, she loves to take showers with me. She washes her face, love to be blow dryed and brushed. She is very shy, loves to sleep very close to me, talks back at me with her weird noises. Sometimes she thinks that she is a human, she is very well behave dog. Her favorite toys are raw bones. She is really not crazy about toys except when Ginger plays with them. She also travels with me to NJ, she sleeps the ride. Sometimes I feel like I have 2 toddlers in the the house, but I am crazy about my two schnauzers. I love them very much.

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They sound awesome.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Both your girls sound awesome. Wish you could post a picture of them so we could share in their beauty. I know what you mean about loving them both. I have 7 minis and love them all to bits.

Ginger! Roxy!
by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

You were lucky to find two. Sure would like to see pictures of these two adorable pets. Mini-Schnauzers are the best companions anyone could ever want. Sounds like you have tons of fun with them.

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