Miniature Schnauzer Max

by Vanessa
(Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Miniature Schnauzer Max

Miniature Schnauzer Max

Max is a pepper and salt mini schnauzer who came to live with us when he was 19 months old after rehoming him from a family who confessed to not having time for him.

He did not play with toys, could not walk to heel, do any tricks or commands except sit. After watching our other schnauzer do commands for treats he picked them up immediately, he's very clever especially when food is involved.

He loves having his tummy tickled and will laugh and rub his eyes at the same time.

He loves attention, walks, cuddles and hunting squirrels and rabbits with George, our other schnauzer.

He doesn't like confrontation or vicious dogs and doesn't like baths or rain.

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my love for mini schnauzers
by: lydia

This so wonderful to hear and read all you write . Have 2 mini schnauzer's , my girls , I just love them. They are our everything!!!!!!! My angel was send to me from above . Abby is a dad's girl. We love both very much. Words can not tell how much we love our girls. Thank you!!!!!!!!

by: My♥BelongsToSchnauzers

I totally love schnauzers. I have 2!

I want to hold him.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Max is one sweet looking little guy. I just love his little face. Having 7 Schnauzers myself, I too have one that does not like confrontations at all. In fact, he will run and hide from it. Thank goodness my pack gets along so well.

My handsome boy
by: Vanessa

I know I'm biased LOL but Max is my handsome boy. He has a crazy personality but he's a gentle little chap who loves being loved. Since he came to live with us his personality has developed so much with how he expresses himself.

by: Anna K

I have a Max too, only he is black and silver. Sounds like you have a wonderful addition to your family!

Anna and Max

Cutie Max
by: Anonymous

He's a real cutie.

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