Miniature Schnauzer Karl

by Ronda
(Westminster, CO USA)

Miniature Schnauzer Karl

Miniature Schnauzer Karl

Karl is a sweet , sweet 4 year old male, who is Mom's best friend. Karl was left in a pet store until the old age of 4 1/2 months which is old by pet store standards, we try not to encourage pet store puppies but he was so in need of a home and I knew he was meant to be my best friend, so he came home to be the 3rd of our little furry schnauzer family.

I had surgery shortly after that and we spent 3 months together all day every day and now he knows if I am sick before I do. When my brother passed away, Karl also went into a deep depression because I was too. He is the most comforting dog I have ever owned he just knows how to care for people.

He has a super power, it is his nose he can sniff out a piece of kibble, cereal, even the smallest piece of food will not get by him. He will scratch at the area or try to crawl under it, get at it with his paws and will not give up until he gets it, we once had to move the stove so he could get some cereal that had fallen under it, and if one of the other dogs looses theirs in the kitchen he will find it.

Karl is a lover he just wants you to hold him and snuggle. He enjoys long walks in the sunsets and guarding his yard form squirrels and birds.

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by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

He sure is a sweetheart! You're both lucky to have found each other. Love his white fur coat, too. They are such good company, aren't they? They teach us a lot!

Handsome Boy
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Karl is a real handsome boy. I love white Schnauzers as I have 2 of them of my own. They are both real lovers as well. Karl is real lucky he found you as his furparents.

by: Anonymous

Karl is a White Schnauzer like our Scooter,thank God you got him.Very pretty

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