Miniature Schnauzer Fritz

by Cheryl

Give me a boost!

Give me a boost!

Give me a boost!
When can I go outside?

Fritz came to be my new "bubby" after my last mini Jake died in February 2010. Jake was 17 and had been with me for 15 of those years. Of course I was heartbroken. After a couple of months I contacted a local mini rescue group (Jake had been a rescue too!)and Fritz came into my life! Fritz was an owner surrender for health reasons. He LOVES his stuffed toys! He barks some..but never at ME! Every day when I come home he runs to pick up a stuffed toy..then runs to me all wiggling with excitement..stuffed toy in mouth! Fritz is 3 years old..quite a change from a dog who at 17 was deaf and didn't move very fast! He loves to cuddle and be with his mommy! He REALLY wishes he could climb trees!!!!

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Love Mini's
by: Fritz's Mom

Fritz will be my 3rd miniature schnauzer. My 1st was my father-in-law's 12 yr old Bart. When my father-in-law died no one else stepped up to take
Bart. He was so devoted to my fsther-in-law but soon bcame attached to me. After a short 18 months Bart was diagnosed with pancreatic know what happened next....I cried for weeks....

Bsrt was a rescue dog so that is how I looked for and found buddy for 15 years

Happiness Again.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Sorry for your loss of Jake in Feb. I'm sure it broke your heart. It's so nice that you decided to adopt another mini. I work with Schnauzer Love Rescue, and we need a lot more people like you. Fritz is absolutely adorble, and I'm sure he will give you many more years of happiness.

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

Love the pix!! He sounds like a real character (aren't they all?). So glad you found each other.

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