Miniature Schnauzer Ed

by Ronda
(Westminster, CO USA)

Miniature Schnauzer Ed

Miniature Schnauzer Ed

Ed is an 8 year male who we found at a pet store, he was 4 months old and someone had bought him and returned him, so he was on clearance for $99.00 and had issues. We knew we were meant to rescue him, he has been such a wonderful guy but he still remembers the abuse he suffered... you cannot clap your hands loudly or raise you hand towards him or he just shivers with fear.

Ed has had a tangerine size kidney stone removed and also had severe schnauzer bumps that drove him crazy. We have a wonderful vet who wanted us to try Ed on fish oil squeezed from a regular capsule, after years of benzoyl peroxide and multiple antibiotics from his bumps getting infected, within a week of being on the fish oil all his bumps were gone and he has not had a bump since and it's been over 6 months. I cannot tell you how happy it makes us to finally see him comfortable and resting instead of pacing and itching and biting his back. I would recommend trying your schnauzer on regular fish oil capsules , we squeeze out 1/2 of a 1000mg capsule daily onto his kibble and he loves it.

I would not trade Ed for the world and believe he was brought to us to take care of him and all of his issues.

His favorite toy is a ball, he has about 20 different balls but he really likes the furry soft ones. He does have one really odd thing about him though, no one can touch anyone else in the house you cannot shake hands give kisses or just pat someone on the back or he will bite you, even mom and dad are not immune to this. We have to give kisses goodbye in the garage in the morning so he does not attack us. If you can figure that one out........

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Fish Oil Capsules
by: LeftyS7

I started by squeezing Fish Oil out of capsules. I then slit the capsules and my two MS ate them, now I give them the whole capsule and they eat them whole.

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

Ed looks like a real trooper! What a cutie! Something really bad must have happened to him in his short life before you rescued him. Thank goodness you found each other. Love conquers a lot of issues, and it sounds like you have worked hard at pin-pointing them and addressing them. Keep up the good work!

Lucky Ed
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Ed sounds adorable. Sorry your having trouble with him biting. I have no clue how to remedy that as none of mine bite. Thank goodness.

I give all 7 of my minis a 1000mg fish oil capsule every other day. My vet is amazed that not one of my pups has skin problems. I also feed them Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish formula dog food, which they love.

Give Ed a hug for me.

to cute
by: Anonymous

What a cutie Ed is

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