Miniature Schnauzer Beau

by Teri
(New York)

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

We have always had mini Schnauzers in the family... So when our 13 month old mini schnauzer died after open heart surgery (he had a bad heart), we were devastated. We found a wonderful breeder in Connecticut (we live in NY). Angel (Beau's mom) was pregnant. After the litter was born we visited Beau at 3 wks, 5wks and at 8 weeks we took him home. His mom Angel was a real talker and of course Beau is too. He talks all the time. He is amazing... he loves vegetables and fruit. But vanilla ice cream is his favorite. Our house is way up on a hill and so Beau's favorite place to stay is in the bay window and look out. After 10 years he still dislikes the mailman. He is a great watch dog and I know although he is little he would protect me anyway he could. The only thing he hates is water and going to be groomed. I never had his ears cropped and when we take him to be trimmed I always keep his beard short).... we can not say or spell the word bath (he can spell too). Where ever we take him people stop and comment on how handsome he is... I always say that's why we called him Beau.

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miss my dog
by: Anonymous

love him i would like to know where you got him
please let me know

by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Beau sure is a beauty. I'd love to see him in real life.

handsome schnauzer
by: beth

Beau is a handsome schnauzer.

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