Miniature Schnauzer Bailey

by Niamh Monaghan
(Arbroath, Scotland, UK)

Miniature Schnauzer Bailey

Miniature Schnauzer Bailey

We got Bailey (female, black and silver, 1 year old schnauzer) as a puppy. I remember driving home and trying to decide what to name her. She has light brown patches on her head and ears so we decided to call her Bailey (after the drink of course ;])

She lives with her two older sisters (Becky and Flora, two 8 year old westies) And the main reason we got her (other than the fact that my mother has always wanted a schnauzer) was because Becky and Flora are getting older and if one of them was to pass away the other would surely be heartbroken as they've been together for 7 years.

Bailey was spoilt from the first day and I remember holding her in my hand as she was so small. She was about the size of one of the westie's heads. She had a big, fluffy, midnight black beard and huge dark brown eyes and everyone fell in love with her instantly.

Her brown batches on her head and ears are now long gone but she is still my baby. She loves running and jumping. She chews everything especially scarfs and she likes nothing more than to relax in the Scottish sun...usually in my flowerbeds.

She loves to bark, but when it comes down to chasing mice she leaves that to Becky and Flora.


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So Sweet
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Bailey sure is one pretty little girl. They can really take over a person's heart can't they? Believe me, I know, because I have 7 of them. I work with Schnauzer Rescue and keep adopting my fosters. LOL

by: Monica & Pepper

I am glad you have a Schnauzer. They are lovely. Good luck!!

by: Anna K

They are so very special. Enjoy!

Anna and Max

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