Mini Schnauzer Jasper

by Paul Bannister
(Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England )

Jasper the minature Schnauzer - Buttercups and cowpats

Jasper the minature Schnauzer - Buttercups and cowpats

Jasper the minature Schnauzer - Buttercups and cowpats
Jasper in a field of buttercups
Miniature Schnauzer Jasper
Mini Schnauzer Jasper

Jasper is a Black 9 month old male pedigree miniature Schnauzer. When he first joined our family he fitted into the palm of our hand, 9 months on and we are beginning to wonder just where the word 'miniature' fits into his description, now 10kg and growing like a weed and dwarfing equivalent dogs of his age.

Like all minature Schnauzers Jasper is somewhat vocal at times, has a fantastic temperament you can depend on. He is the life and soul of our abode bringing the family together with his frequent walks through the English countryside.

The following set of pictures I took on one of those seemingly rare days in the UK where we had some sun. The buttercups where out, the grass long and lush and the buttercups where in full flower. Schnauzers are naturally inquisitive animals, the sights and smells of the countryside inevitably mean your dog is lost in his own little world, only stopping occasionally to check that your still with him or maybe your looking the other way while he takes a bite out of a particularly succulent cowpat (try as I might he seems to prefer cowpats to the treats I bring?)

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Hi Jasper
by: Jerri

Well my schnauzer, Harley Davidson weighs 21.1 lbs. and I can't tell you how many times people make the remark that he is now a miniature schnauzer. I just smile and keep on going.

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