Meet Our Sweet Piper!

by Sarah McCance
(Laramie, WY)

We are pleased to introduce Piper, our precious pup, who is 3 years old! She is the delight of our lives and the best companion we could ask for.

Piper enjoys romping around in the yard, and keeping a watchful eye to ensure nosey rabbits stay on their side of the fence! Referred to frequently around our house as ‘the head of security’, our 14-lb guard dog performs periodic perimeter sweeps to make sure the backyard, and her parents’ home is secure.

Among her favorite past times are playing fetch, tugging on her rope and chasing us around! Lover of belly rubs and car rides, we are suckers for a her cute face and excited barks, frequently giving in to her 'demands'. We’ve also been known to setup an obstacle course or two, and have had fun training her to jump over pillows, through pillow ‘tunnels’ and weaving around chairs. She is extremely intelligent and picks up on tricks, courses or commands after only a few times through.

Piper’s intelligence encourages her to be one curious little pup! She has the best nose around, and doesn’t miss a single ‘scent’! In addition, her supersonic hearing leaves little undetected. These senses frequently have her investigating the pair of shoes you just kicked off, the grocery bag you just unloaded or the piece of home cooking you accidentally dropped on the floor. Her curiosity, though, reminds us of the fact that she is still a puppy at heart, and that we can help keep life interesting for her by constantly introducing her to new things she hasn’t seen before.

Piper’s finest quality, though, is her ability to love unconditionally! She is well trained, enjoys playing around but is the happiest when she’s cuddled up with her family. She snoozes comfortably for hours on end when we are all together. I’ve never met a dog who licks her owners as much as she, and I can feel the puppy love penetrating into us with each soft ‘pooch smooch’.

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Dec 22, 2014
Piper is a Star
by: Nancy

As difficult as this may be to believe, Piper is even more beautiful than her pictures. I own two cute schnauzers, and I know an outstanding dog of this breed when I see one. And, Piper is as sweet as she is pretty. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. I was charmed from the beginning. Piper is fortune to live with such wonderful people. She has a first cousin named Spencer who lives 50 miles from her who is also a blue chip schnauzer.

Dec 22, 2014
Piper is the cutest!
by: Anonymous

Oh piper is seriously the cutest thing! Love her little beard and playful expression! Love, jax.

Dec 21, 2014
Gorgeous and Happy Piper
by: Michele Rambo,Rebel & Benji

She is gorgeous and we must say very intelligent, which my two are as well, especially Benji and he will be three in April..
He also loves agility..

Would you mind very much if I added a Text to your photo, as I enjoy photography and designing my photos.. then post it on my post, mentioning that it is not my photo but yours and that it is Piper, or if you post me your email address I will email it to you.. I would like your permission beforehand though, please.. or your email.. please...

My post is Merry Christmas.. the one with my Three dogs .. Rambo, Rebel & Benji with their Christmas jumpers on and Benji is wearing his Christmas Santa hat… I have one comment from Betsy .. she lives in Atlanta Georgia and also has a Schnauzer called Spiffy..

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