Meet Frisco The Handsome Pup

by Daniela Garces
(Jackson Heights, NY, USA)

Playtime with My Family

Playtime with My Family

Hi my name is Frisco,

I am a boy and I am an 8 month old pup who came to a wonderful family of three when I was just 2 months old. I was bought at a pet shop in Flushing, New York. I was so excited to see someone actually interested in getting me to join the family. FINALLY! I was going to be out of the shop and into a new home, but I will miss all the friends I made.

I was born on January 28, 2015 and I came from Ohio. Crazy how I came a long distance to find myself with wonderful owners who spoil me all the time. New York is amazing and I'm so happy to be here. I've figured out that my favorite toys are the most squeaky ones and fluffy! I like playing catch with my rubber toy. It's shaped like a flower and I wrap it around my face so it looks like I'm the flower.

Just like in my picture "Playtime with My Family". That's my favorite rubber toy, it was actually my first toy when I was 2 months old. The funny thing is I used to drag it along the house since back then it was bigger than me. Now I'm all big and I'm growing, my rubber toy is still my favorite no matter how tiny it looks now.

I remember my first selfie like it was yesterday. I was all groomed and smelled amazing (even better than the cologne Axe). I was looking straight at the camera as my owner was holding me. I took various pictures until I got the perfect one. THAT WAS THE ONE! My head tilted a little to the side with my big black buttoned nose. I will never forget my first night at my new home. Everything looked so big, my ride home was amazing. Finally, being able to be free. I am thankful for my new home.

Speaking of thankful, I wish I could speak so I could say thank you for every time they celebrate each month that has past by for me. They always give me a mini-photo shoot with my party hat, my bowl, my blankie and most importantly...A BIG COOKIE! Yummy if you must say. I wish it would rain cookies all day and everyday of course. I hope they never stop spoiling me. My monthly birthdays are the best I look forward to them, and I just can't wait until I'm one year old. Thats when I will have a big party with all my other pup friends.

Well what can I say, I enjoy walks around the block and being friendly with other dogs and even cats too! What I really don't like is when my neighbors come late at night and wake up everyone in the house. I get really upset and growl and bark in the night. I feel bad waking up my family, but I'm here to protect them as well.
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you guys. Don't forget I am a Miniature Schnauzer, I'm salt and pepper like what you put on food. I am very friendly and I give lots of kisses. I don't like to be smothered in hugs BUT I will always be around and right by your side.

Don't forget to vote for me!

Best Paws (Instead of Best Regards),

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Oct 20, 2015
so cute!
by: Stephanie

What a cute little pup! So playful and fun. Schnauzers are the best!

(Mom to 5 year old black mini schnauzer, Kipton)

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