Meet Dr. Skeeder

by Frank Weaver
(Highlandville, Mo USA)

He said he couldn't eat Ribbons, but oh well.

He said he couldn't eat Ribbons, but oh well.

I retired after 36 years of commercial art work and was totally worn out also after a major MI that left my left ventricle damaged. Well my wife suggested i look for a dog to keep me company while she still worked for another 14 years.

I found Skeeder, a Black & Silver puppy which i took at 6 weeks old from a small breeder in my home town. I joined a very good dog club in my home town also and started to train my mini-Schnauzer. Low and behold he liked working with me but not so much the obedience jazz. So we tried something called 'Agility' and he simply loved it and i knew we had found our niche.

We traveled a four state area competing in Agility trials when we could afford them. We started picking up a lot of ribbons in AKC and even more in UKC. All the time i was working with Skeeder i noticed my heart condition seemed to go away, to make a long story short we accomplished the UKC title UGRACH (United Grand Champion) twice. Well we were both about in the 70 years old range so with that we retired.

Well, Weavers Mister Skeeder finally passed away at 13 & 1/2 years old after taking real good care of his master. He was a great part of my rehab my continued recuperation and i will forever miss Him, don't let anyone ever tell you "their just a dog", cause they don't know what they're talking about. JMHO

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May 04, 2015
Its called working together
by: Anonymous

Since my initial training of Skeeder i could see his attention was mainly focused on me and what i wanted him to do. If i didn't show much interest in doing anything sometimes he'd find something to do himself, he was an independent dog as well as dependent. He'd try to do anything i asked him to do, cause he knew it would be fun and maybe a little treat somewhere in there. He had the gentlest of ways to get next to you. When my wife and i would set down in the evening to relax in our separate recliners Skeeder would come over to me and look me in the eye asking for permission to get on my wife's lap, i'd say O.K. and up he'd fly. They'd talk about the daily events and i swear he really understood some of it. I take things real serious, always have, and Skeeder taught me to not do that so much. Whatever, it helped me immensely to try and keep a smile and think positively about most things. He was amazing, he definitely was a great 'fur friend'.........Thanks for all the comments, they help also.

May 03, 2015
Beautiful Skeeder
by: Jackie

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. I'm very sorry for your loss. You had a wonderful friend in Dr Skeeder. He's waiting for you and watching you. I'm convinced they live on. Take care.

May 01, 2015
To Frank's best buddy
by: Anonymous

Skeeder was a wonderful four footed soul mate and running buddy who has now created a void in your life. The only way to fill this void is with fur. Noting like Schnauzers or could be Beagles, Goldens or any dog that bonds with you. It's time to plant tomatoes, go fishing and look for a new soul mate.

Nancy and Clay Lincoln along with four Miniature Schnauzers understand what you guys are going through and offer prayers.

Apr 29, 2015
It's better to have loved
by: Jim Pennell

Frank: My eyes are full of tears as I type this. Sorry for any typos.
I remember Skeeder and enjoyed watching you and him work together at a completion in Springfield a few years ago..
Words are simply not enough to express how sad I feel, hearing about Skeeders passing on.
Of all the lives we love, the four legged friends do not live long enough.
Thank you for sharing his story with me .

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