Little Kentucky Jack our rescue that rescued us

by Martha
(Western New York, United States)

Jackson was from Kentucky. He came to us as a three year old – or so we thought – but our vet said ‘aren’t all dogs up for adoption around 3 or 4?’ tongue in cheek of course. Jack was transported to us and after his long ride north he got out of the car, licked my husband and off we went for a nice bath and dinner. He moved in and was our baby – no matter if he was older he was our little Jack. He slept with us and snored away the first night. He was a perfect snuggler, loved to play with toys, dug up our furniture before laying down but we loved watching him make such a production out of it we put covers on things instead of telling him he couldn’t do that. Who among us could refuse him anything? No one! A tug on a toy? SURE. An after dinner treat? YES! If we were leaving the house and going anywhere other than work he stood by the door and we included him. He just always wanted to be with his family.

If we did leave without him and arrived back home – there he would be making a joyful noise because he was a “talker”. He did not really bark on these occasions, but he did some little combo of a bark and howl that sounded like a real conversation. Our son was just fooling around one day and answered his yodel with something that sounded similar and he “answered” back and it became a sweet little exchange of happy Jack noises – schnauzer noise – so wonderful to hear.

A year ago in springtime a tumor appeared on his paw, we had it removed. Another tumor appeared 5 months later and we had that removed. He recovered nicely, went on with his joyful life, and then yes… another tumor only 5 months after that.. This time the vet amputated his leg and we prayed the cancer had not moved to his dear sweet body. Sadly… yes it did. A tumor on his spleen led to a swift departure. We sat under a tree, surrounded him, cuddled him, and cried as he slipped away. He was our first schnauzer. We took solace in the fact that he fully recovered from his amputation and was hopping beautifully on three legs and stealing hearts wherever he went.

Oh how we loved him and how he loved us. That little Jack brought happy with him wherever he was and we will remember him to the end of our lives.

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Mar 09, 2019
I'm sorry for your loss.
by: Paulette

I am so sorry you lost your Jack. Especially, in the manner you did. My TWIZZLER also developed a tumor on his spleen and it was a very short time from its discovery until he had to leave. I still grieve so strongly. I wish you peace

Jul 30, 2018
thank you
by: Martha

Thanks to those who left messages to me after I posted my story of Jack. It was therapeutic for me to write the story. It has been almost two months now and I still well up and get a lump in my throat about my buddy. I look for him and miss him more than I can believe some days. My children are grown and moving on with their lives and Jack's companionship was so steady. His joy and his gaze were constants - when he just wanted to look at you and let you know he was nearby and be reassured you were near by. What a wonderful thing it is to love a dog but so heart breaking at the end. Thank you though it helps to know others feel the same and truly understand.

Jun 30, 2018
I’m so sorry, I just lost my own Jack as well.
by: Shanna Clark

I’m sorry that you lost your Jack! I also lost my miniature schnauzer Jack a month ago and everyday when I come home from work I can hardly believe he is gone. He was 8 and I had him since he was a puppy. He was the best as I am sure your Jack was. He was my constant companion thru my divorce and becoming an empty nester as my only child left for college and I am just lost without him. He got sick with pancreatitis and went very quickly. The vet tried but there wasn’t much they could do. Im sorry to go on about myself, I know you are grieving as well but your post struck me with our dogs having the same name. I hope that you have wonderful memories of your Jack too.

Jun 18, 2018
by: T St Louis

So very sorry your handsome boy Jack had to leave you. I cried as I read your beautiful tribute for him. Aren't they just the greatest little buddies?

We all understand the grief you feel. They are spunky little fighters, so loyal & smart and it breaks our hearts when they can't stay. He knew you saved him & he was grateful. That's why he saved you all.

Wonderful memories of your beloved Jack to hold in your broken hearts. You & family are in my thoughts

Jun 16, 2018
What love can do❤️
by: Christine

Beautiful story, so happy you gave him such a wonderful life, it’s how it should be for all fur babies, he will be with you forever❤️

Jun 15, 2018
Charlie Mom
by: charlie the schnauzer

God Bless you for giving him the best life ever!!!!
Schnauzers are God’s gift to us!!

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