Lil" Bit Waller-my white schnauzer

by Randy Waller
(Flagstaff, Az, USA)

ball playing

ball playing

You came to me one day when my son broke up with his girl friend. I had given him the $600 to buy her the white schnauzer she wanted. Fortunately she couldn't take care of him when they split and she gave him to me. What a blessing. I never new you could love a dog so much as my Lil" Bit.

He would greet me or my wife when we came home and then wait for the other to arrive. After bouncing around and leaping on chairs, he would settle down and lay in his bed in the den always looking at me or my wife lovingly. How do I know lovingly, just look in his eyes and you can read them.

He lived to be 14 and was taken too soon. I know this is a long age for them but he was my best friend and I miss him many times each day. I know it isn't macho for a retired man to cry but I love you boy and now have another friend to greet when heaven calls, Lord willing. You just beat me there. I lost my dear wife 26 years ago and still grieve. Lil" Bit I grieve for you just like her, since you are my sweet boy.

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Dec 09, 2015
New family member- Dec 2015
by: Randy

The lord blessed me with another play buddy when Harley, a black and white parti schnauzer came home with me. He is 11 months now and a ball of energy. He takes me on a daily walk and lets me know when its time to go. I still see old Lil bits picture on the mantel. Everyday I pass by his grave near the end of the driveway and Harley and me greet him. His eternal solar light shines and says "don't forget me pops, I'm waiting for you and Harley to play". I won't, don't worry.

Dec 02, 2015
Sweet Little Boy
by: Gary

So sorry for your loss. I know the pain. My best friend was a little white schnuazer. He loved to play with balls, ballons and rocks. I retired in 2004 and he was my constant companion for almost 11 years. Old men do cry when our hearts break.

Dec 11, 2014
Beautiful white schnauzer
by: Jackie

So sad for you. Cherish the memories. He was a lucky dog to have you.

Dec 11, 2014
Lil'Bit now over Rainbow Bridge..
by: Michele Rambo,Rebel & Benji

We are so sorry and know how you must feel.. I have lost two minis.. one in June 2005 .. Rebel 1 ( age 11 ) ..and Ringo in November 2010 ( age 15 ).. Also my hubby passed away in January 2011.. But I will pray and ask Rebel 1 and Ringo to look out for Lil'Bit so they can play together.. I have two minis now and they too give me " Unconditional Love " Rebel 2 ( age 6 ) and Benji ( age 2 ).. They have brought me back from the sad times I had when I lost my minis and beloved hubby… I also have an Australian Silky called Rambo, he's 11 and thinks he's still a puppy… and he certainly puts Benji in his place… I hope you find another very soon, and maybe one will come into your life who needs you as you need him…

Dec 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

so sorry for your loss;we who have also known this kind of loss,understand how you feel;
he had a good life and could not have been happier;
maybe another mini will need you and show up at your front door,life's strange & funny that way;
rest in peace Lil'Bit,casper,teddy,bobby and toby,look out for Lil'Bit;

Dec 11, 2014
by: Phyllis

After 13 yrs we lost our little Mandi. About six months later I received a parti-color (brown & white) mini schnauzer. My first schnauzer, and while she didn't replace Mandi, she has stolen my heart.

My best wishes to you.

Dec 11, 2014
God Bless
by: Charlie the schnauzer

You are a good man to have love this little man, I to lost my little girl in 2004 she was only 6 ! But smart beyond years, she taught me!! I miss her all the time . I know have a little boy who rides my harley with me he is a great boy and a great protector!! Sorry for your loss but know that God would never deprive us of our fur babies when we go to Heaven , they will be there waiting!!!!

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