by Robert Seymour
(Essex, United Kingdom)

Yes - you might have guessed it. I'm from England, the land of grand houses, like Downton Abbey and so I have a title. No doubt you know that our Queen is fond of corgis so bear that in mind when you contemplate my lifestyle, although my poor owners in their house can't compete with Buckingham Palace. Still, they do live in a pleasant enough villa on the coast so I can't complain.

I'm told I possess the most wonderful tail which resembles a plume and wag it nearly all the time. However, I am in the habit of barking at people initially, not wishing to meet them until I've been properly introduced. This is an aversion which I share with the late Queen Victoria, although I don't expect them to hide in the bushes as she did, when not wanting to talk to someone.

I am extremely fond of my owners as they, as you would expect, are of me but I insist on high standards in the home. That means four walks a day (excusing myself in the garden would be very vulgar) and meals at set times. Bed time should never be later than 10 o'clock either, although occasionally my owners engage in "parties" which delay that most inconveniently.

Frankly, one of my greatest bugbears (even more than large dogs who will insist on paying me indelicate attention) is the TV. Unlike most dogs, I do watch the programmes and hate them all, particular those which feature planes, helicopters, trains, flying saucers and other horrible whizzing things. My tactic then is to withdraw to an inaccessible place behind a large table and refused to be coaxed out until a tasty treat is in the offing!


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"LIKES" and the like.
by: Phoebe

I was delighted to receive two "likes" for my last piece.You know us dogs, we always welcome attention even if it is this new fangled kind straight from a computer.However, nothing beats a really good pet (from the right person, of course) - not just a pat which is too much of a casual thing to my mind.I will bark at people who come up wanting to pat me - never bite, you understand,I'd never do that - but I want always to be properly introduced. So here I set out my rules for future reference.
Stand away (and if you have a walking stick, don't wave it) and say in a loud voice (but don't shout, please) "What a fine looking dog. Aren't you handsome or pretty (either will do)?"
See if my tail is wagging.
Stroke but don't pat the top of my head.
Take my paw if I offer it.
By the way, I have good reason to believe that one of those "likes" came from Snowy in Brighton. If so,may I wish you the compliments of the season. I mean Happy Christmas, of course, but must express it formally, After all, I am Lady Phoebe!

by: Robert

I has been a long time, hasn't it? Since I last told you my news.Now, a very important thing happened on the 1st November. It was my eight birthday. What that means, I suppose, is that I'm a middle aged dog.
But I don't feel it for one moment.I scamper about as much as I ever did as a pup, and you should see my vaulting over the groins on our local beach.I'm a steeplechaser really - as good as any horse.
But I do find that I'm not as tolerant as I used to be. I get fed up with that television which my owners seemed to be constantly glued to. Much of it annoys or upsets them.They don't find the comedy programmes amusing and the news upsets them.Frankly, I slink into the kitchen to get away from it.
Humans should take lessons from us dogs.We know how to relax and unwind, don't we? We snooze or sleep.

by: Robert

I actually said in a previous entry that I do watch TV sometimes and now hear that, in the USA,a service has actually been provided for dogs.This is to keep us from feeling lonely when our owners are not at home.
Not for me, thank you very much.Who wants to watch some other canine bounding about in a field or playing with a ball when you can't even pick up their scent? I much prefer doing the real thing myself anyway.
Of course, this may be an appropriate idea for other rather less bright breeds but we Schnauzers certainly don't fall into that category, do we?
I'm glad to say that I rarely feel lonely, but then I know my owners wouldn't dream of leaving me for more than a hour or two at the most.
During that time, I have an established routine moving from my favourite daytime chair where I snooze, only to stir and bark at anyone having the temerity to approach the front door!
Humans may need constant TV to entertain them but we dogs, being much more self reliant, certainly don't - does anyone disagree?

Lovely Lady Phoebe
by: Anonymous

Lady Phoebe is such a beauty and her regal manner
is no surprise coming from such a wonderful household with such a gifted writer! She is
pert and pretty and as lovable as can be!
So happy to see she has her very own page here, but then I am sure that is exactly what she expected!
I hear she gives excellent advice and so if you have a problem, or in need of a friendly ear, (or tail wag) she is the perfect pup to speak to!
Good day to you Lady Phoebe, look forward to hearing and seeing a lot more about you!

She's a star
by: Gail

We know Phoebe and as the page says, she's an honest dog. She failed to mentioned that she likes running on the beach - but, alas, doesn't like swimming in the sea!
She has many friends of the canine and human kind and gets on well with the smaller dogs although she's surprised sometimes when she meets Yorkies who are much smaller than her.
Now's she got her own web page it will be waggy tails all round!!

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