Here's Spencer ---- Mr. Spencer

by Linda K Newman
(Cheyenne Wy USA)

Our Spencer will be celebrating his third birthday on 12/31/14. He is our third Schnauzer and although we loved all of our best friends to pieces, Spencer is just the best. He is handsome, loving, so smart, playful, inquisitive, welcoming, is always so very happy to see us, and is a great part of our family.

Let me tell you how Spencer happened to be with us. A little more than three years ago, my daughter sent me a text and said "Mom -- I have a question for you and don't get mad." I said "well, go for it" (meaning ask me your question). She said "Really Mom -- Ok --- thank you -- I just did it" "You did what?" I asked. "I ordered a Schnauzer puppy on line and will get her in six weeks" "What????!!!!" I said. "You email them right back and tell them you cannot get the dog" "Well, I can't do that Mom - I'm already committed and have sent my deposit."

Well - six weeks later she drove to Colorado to pick up her Piper. We met Piper soon after and, of course, it was love at first site. After spending a little time with Piper, my husband and I discussed how fun it would be to get one of Piper's litter mates so that Piper would have a playmate. Upon contacting the breeder, he said all of Piper's brothers and sisters had been spoken for but he had more Schnauzers on the way so we committed to one of Angel's girls.

After the pups were born and after a few weeks went by, the breeder contacted us to say the little girl wasn't growing and he was worried about her health and would we consider one of the boys. We picked Spencer boy and what a great decision that has been for us.

We thought Spencer would weigh in at 13 lbs. or so when full grown but Spencer has exceeded our expectations. He is a nice 20 lb. boy and we love each and every lb. He is such a handsome boy with a winning personality. Adorable ears that sometimes lay back -- sometimes one is cocked up and the other lays back -- sometimes both are straight up. Loves to watch out the window for bunny rabbits and never gives up trying to catch one in "his" back yard. He adores his puppy sister, Piper, and when they visit one another they chase and romp and pounce. When Piper isn't around, he has his little toy "puppy sister" that he carries with him.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, you will never regret getting a Schnauzer. A best friend that will provide hours of enjoyment and love.

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