Eddie Vedder: Rockstar of Mini Schnauzer puppies

by Jordan
(Rock Island, Illinois )

Eddie Vedder is a 9 month old male Mini Schnauzer with a personality that suits his name perfectly. He is named after the lead singer of the well-known rock band Pearl Jam, and he is always ready to party! He loves his human parents; however, do not be fooled by his innocent eyes, he will get into anything he knows he shouldn't if he thinks no one is watching!

Eddie was born in West Liberty Iowa to a lovely breeder family. His mother is named Rose, and he has many brothers and sisters. We brought Eddie into our family at 8 weeks old, and couldn't be happier!

This puppy is a lover of many plush toys! Eddie has about ten different stuffed-animal friends that he plays with everyday. You can always find Eddie looking out the window with his blue elephant or as you can see in one of his pictures, he loves napping with his multi-colored buddies! Eddie is shown in this picture snoozing with the blue and gray hedgehog. We think that Eddie's love for his toys is one of his best qualities. I love to tell the story of the night where I placed a toy in his kennel before bed, but Eddie was right behind me removing that toy, putting it back into his toy basket, and grabbing a different one for the night. This puppy knows what he wants!

E.V. also loves walks, tug of war, and sleeping on the couch! He is funny little man with an attitude that makes us laugh everyday! I have many pictures of Eddie rocking the serious Schnauzer look and I love them all. :-)

Comments for Eddie Vedder: Rockstar of Mini Schnauzer puppies

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Eddie Vedder
by: Anonymous

Hi! How is Eddie Vedder doing? How old is he now and have you had any health issues with him? Would you purchase from Evans Ranch again?

Eddie Vetter's Rock & Roll Sweetheart
by: Jeffie

Eddie needs to visit Reynolds to meet his sweetheart JoJo aka JoJo Gunne rock band from the 1970's ‼

Eddie's Breeder
by: Jordan

That is so awesome! You must be as crazy about your schnauzer as I am to have found this site. Haha! I believe the breeders moved to Florida, but I think this is their website. http://www.evansranchschnauzers.com/

I hope this helps!


Iowa Breeder info
by: Grant and Emily Schmidt

We have a mini schnauzer from the same breeder. She is 3 years old and her mom is Rose, her dad is Max. She is the sweetest little schnauzer :-) We want to recommend to a friend but can't find their webpage and didn't save the number. What was the name of the West Liberty, IA breeder? they used to have a webpage, but I can't find it any more . . .

little dude with great hair!
by: Liane

He's so adorable! He has a guard dog look, but clearly a sensitive side, as we see in the pic with his soft stuffed toy! Who's his stylist?! I love the way he rocks those eyebrows!

by: Mary

Eddie is a good looking baby looks like my Charlie . Are we lucky are what?

EV Connects with Fans!

It is so easy to love this little bushy-browed hunk of personality!

Crazy pups!
by: Jordan

@Tom: I can't imagine having two of Eddie; although, I bet it would be lots of fun! I hope to have two minis someday. :-)

Aunt Sheila
by: Anonymous

Tell Eddie Vedder that his Aunt Sheila still loves him even though he has never visited me at my house.

Eddie Vedder the Puppy
by: SB

He is a beautiful little man! Love him :-)

Eddie ROCKS !!
by: Tom

He has THAT look.. :-) I have two males brothers who just turned 1 year in April... Take Eddie and double the trouble he finds and you have Fred and Fritz... My two. They do make you smile and sometimes it's really hard to discipline them when they go astray...

Rock on!
by: Kelly

Eddie Vedder, my favorite lead singer and also my favorite schnauzer.

by: Anonymous

We love little Eddie!

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