Best Dog Ever

by Shirley Bates
(Whitehouse, Texas)

Mini Schnauzer Skylar

Mini Schnauzer Skylar

Mini Schnauzer Skylar

Meet Skylar. She is a 3 year old salt and pepper mini schnauzer. She has her papers and all, but that's not important to us. She truly is our bearded baby.

When our nest became empty and our Grandchildren moved across town, we decided we needed a lap-dog to love. We live in Northeast Texas and drove to Georgia to pick her up when a friend of ours needed to give her away. Skylar was 2 years old and had already had 3 litters of puppies. So we had her spayed as soon as she got comfortable in our home, so now she can be the baby.

Boy does she ever liked to be loved. She goes from baby to protector to hunter in seconds. She loves to play and has a favorite holey sock.

Skylar almost never barks, I suppose somebody must have scolded her for making noise, but she is getting better about barking when someone is at the door. She learned everything she needed to learn about us and our home very fast. Our home will probably always have a Schnauzer from now on. They really are the best dogs ever.

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We love our Puppies don't we
by: Gerald Stevens

My wife and I lost our beloved Danka last April.She was 15, blind and had cancer, and I think "doggie Alzheimer" She left a big hole in my heart. Like you, another East Texas resident we found another Danka. She is a puppy born to mother that was rescued from a puppy-mill. The gal, who uses our vet heard we were looking for a puppy got a hold of us and said she was looking for good homes for the pups her lady Schnauzer had,free but it had to be a good home..... how about that for luck? we now have baby Danka II. She is 8 weeks old and a live wire bundle of joy. We think that ma-ma was bred as a "Toy" because she was smaller than AKC standard but we couldn't have registered her anyway. We also have an 11 year old mini-Schnauzer named Shayna. We now have our Danka/Shayna again and that's whats important. I think God gave us her because we sent the original to him.

We love you Skyler
by: Libby Evans

Thank you so much for sending this to me,it means alot to know that she is loved so much as she was with us,the people who had before me were not very good to her as they used her to make money,we bred her with our baby and got 5 beautiful puppies,which we have two with us nowthey are our children and we love them very much.Iamso happy that we found you to love her and take care of her,we did not sell her babies as they are with friends that love them as we do.Thank you so much.

Libby Evans

best dog
by: Anonymous

i thank god for people like yourselves;
spay & nueter(sp?) the way to go for all except
the most legitimate of breeders ,who are trying to preserve & improve the mini's;

"best" is a great dog!

what a face!
by: Loretta

She is such a pretty little baby!. I too have a little love bug, so I can totally relate. Our family has always had schnauzers - since even before I was born (I am 45 years old). They truly are the best dogs ever!

by: Emily

She is really pretty.

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