by Ellen
(Decatur, AL)

Baron's first photo. Love at first sight.

Baron's first photo. Love at first sight.

I was sitting at work one day feeling stressed. I was trying to buy my first home and things were not going as planned and I was stressing out about work in general. So at lunch, I was browsing the local newspaper's website and found myself on the pets for sale page. I was scrolling through I don't know how many lab puppies for sale when a picture of a small white dog grabbed my attention: Mini schnauzers for sale. He looked so regal and in control, even though he was only several weeks old. He was white with a liver colored face and a liver button of a tail. I was enamored; so much so that I saved the picture to my computer and thought, Someday, once I get this whole moving thing worked out, I'll start thinking about getting a dog like that.

As the purchase of my first home worked out and I was buying furniture, picking out paint colors, etc., I found myself continuing to think about this little puppy I saw for sale. I tried to talk myself out of getting a puppy so quickly after moving into a brand new place, but I couldn't quit thinking about him. So the week I moved in, I found myself checking the website again to see if there were any schnauzers available; I mean, I couldn't be so lucky that this puppy would still be available, right? But to my surprise, he was! I called to make an appointment to go see him, and the moment I saw him, I knew he was supposed to be my dog. Baron seemed like such a great name for such a regal dog.

I brought him home a few days later and put his little red collar on him. He looked so small and maybe a little overwhelmed. But he made himself right at home and within a week we had made friends with the mini schnauzer down the street and were making play dates with his new BFF.

Baron is my best buddy, and all of my friends constantly hear stories about him. He literally stops traffic on my street (the newspaper deliverer has to get out of her car to pet him). He is so friendly and makes friends wherever he goes. He's currently working on passing puppy school, so we cross our fingers that he will pass! He has quickly become my best friend and I'm so glad that my stress led me to some lunch time internet browsing and to my puppy.

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Hi Baron
by: Chewy's mom

You are one handsome boy! Take care bud!

Love Choo Choo

Welcome to the world Baron
by: Anonymous

Very cute!!!

Very Cute
by: Robyn

He is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

by: Jerri

Baron is just a sweet lookin little boy schnauzer and you will so enjoy him. My Harley Davidson is a certified therapy dog and he is amazing to watch when he is working. Good luck and enjoy!

Schnauzer Cutie
by: Fritz's mom

Fritz is my third mini schnauzer, I don't think I will ever own another breed! They have so much personality! I am sure Baron will be your BFF for years to come!

Adorable Schnauzer
by: cindy

How precious is he? If this is the first time you have ever owned a Miniature Schnauzer you will surely fall in love with the breed.

I loved your story. Thanks for sharing. I know you and Baron will forever be life long friends. Schnauzers Rule!

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