AUDREY, the air that I brethed, sweet and conforting... 12/05/2015

by Maria



April, 10, 2004 is the day GOD SENT YOU to earth so 10 weeks later we would meet by pure chance.

You were so little when we met, I could hold you in the palm of my hand, my sweet Audrey. My Great Dane under development.

I was holding you like a delicate treasure on my lap on the way to our home.

So what is your NAME? huh?
You started to lick and bite my diamond ring as if you were trying to tell me something.
Diamonds? huh?! Good Girl! we are going to along just fine!!

You kept at it, Tiffany? Nah! Breakfast at Tiffany's...OK..
Of course!! Audrey Hepburn!! and you stopped.

Really? I love it!! You looked just like her.

A Beautiful, Dainty, Classy yet Powerful, Smart Girl!!
Even your coloring reminded me of her.

Couldn't be happier we were bonded just like that!

We got home and met your 5 year old sister Sofia Loren, a Gorgeous long hair Sable German Shepherd, a Schutzhund graduate? Cool!! This is is going to be fun

You went to her right away! Jumping on her paws biting her neck fur... You thought you were just as big as she was!
Sofia patiently let you do whatever you wanted because she loved her new silly little sister.

You had a set of little plates BUT NOO! you always wanted to drink out of your sister's bowl!!! Jumping sideways to reach the water, you were so funny and cute!!!

Oh! What a beautiful life we had ahead of us!

Parks, Drives, Training, Play...
She taught you everything she knew, you were already packaged with tricks for treats. You always cheered on Sofia when she caught her Frisbee in the air! You would run along side her and turn to look at me and signal "She GOT IT!!! M0M!!! Do it Again!!!" and Sofia was more than Happy to oblige.

Both my girls made me so happy!!

When (10/06/2012)it was time for Sofia to go to Dogie Heaven the Dr came over to make sure everything was beautiful,

I called to you to say goodbye to Sofia and you just kept on going with that confident catwalk spring,

"Don't worry Mommy, it's FINE!!!! I'LL GET MY TOY"

You knew we were going to be together for eternity no matter where we were physically, So wise for your size and age. Thank you for comforting me and licking my tears whenever I started to get sad missing Sofia. What a pillar of strength for a 9.5 lbs package.

You and I were VERY happy for four more years. ALWAYS TOGETHER!

Everyday to the park for walks, always looking forward to find Pumpkin to go on adventures and smells things together. You loved, Pumpkin's Mommy, she had a great treat purse always with special treats for you!!! She loved you so much.

You and Pumpkin always trying to get those squirrels but your leash was never long enough!!

You took your last breath in my arms.
You fought hard until the very end.


You JUST wanted ME at that moment!!




You KNEW I would needed it to go on.

I hear they have even better parks in heaven, NO leashes go run, fly baby after that squirrel!!

You WERE the air that I breathed, SWEET AND COMFORTING.

THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME LIFE. Your unconditional love has set the BAR VERY HIGH for the rest of my life.




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Jan 09, 2016
Dear Sweet Audrey
by: Anonymous

Dear Sweet Audrey,

I know you are in heaven now playing with my amazing and handsome boy baby Jackson. Please give him a million kisses from him mamma. We miss you all so much. You are our No.1's, always.

Sweet Audrey's Mamma,

I am so sorry for your overwhelming loss. I am so sorry. One day we will all meet, on a picnic with our babies, all the treats in the world, celebrating the mercy and grace of our God.

Please keep the hope. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xo

Dec 30, 2015
Beautiful Audrey
by: T St Louis

What a lovely tribute to a beautiful girl. So very sorry for your loss. Lost my good boy Joey this year, too. Miss him so, but know we will see them again one day. They are special little friends. Take care. In my thoughts and prayers.

Dec 30, 2015
Lovely Tribute
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry. But I'm glad you had her as long as you did and that your babies were so well loved.

Dec 29, 2015
You and her were both blessed
by: Mike

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You and her were blessed to have each other. She has crossed the rainbow ridge and is playing with Sofia.

Dec 29, 2015
by: Debbie

That was so beautiful brought tears to my eyes we lost 2 Schnauzers 6 months apart about 3 years ago we have since got 2 more 6 months apart....someone said to me you have so much more love to give to more furbabies and Ziek and Smokey would want that so we have Reggie and Rocco so I'm giving you the same advice when you are ready you sound like a wonderful furbaby mom God Bless you are in my thoughts and prayers

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