A Tribute to Miniature Schnauzer Albert

by Teresa Johnson
(Oxford, Alabama)

Miniature Schnauzer, Albert's Christmas portrait <br> Taken one week before he passed away

Miniature Schnauzer, Albert's Christmas portrait
Taken one week before he passed away

Oh, Albert. Where do I begin to share with others just how much you meant to me? I have wanted to put down your story since I lost you, but I had to wait until I was able to write this all down.

See, I have been a little lost without you by my side. You were my beloved, constant, and faithful companion. In all honesty, you were quite an interesting little fellow. Your personality was so evident when anyone was around you; even strangers picked up on how thoughtful and sincere you were about everything.

While you loved to play, you also loved to let others know that you were... well, The Albert. They might have needed to know that you were to be treated with dignity. Ha! I loved that about you! You were precious! Every day, I looked forward to spending our time together. And now, everyday I miss your presence. I really don't think I'll ever feel as lost as I did the day you passed away.

Schnauzer_AlbertTo be six years old, and to have had such a healthy checkup, I would have never thought that a dental cleaning would end our time together. I was so worried about the anesthesia, but they had assured me that the procedure was quite routine, and they would call me only if something had happened. When I got that phone call, I had just purchased one of your Christmas presents for your stocking. What a tremendous loss for me, as well as our family.

I will always love you Albert. I cherish our time together.

As time goes by, I am comforted by the fact that you never suffered pain or sadness in your lifetime. The little things and walks you enjoyed so much, brings a warm feeling to me. These are the memories that will keep you close to my heart. I love you little man, and I will miss you dearly every day of my life.

Albert Von Johnson
March 6, 2003 - December 23, 2009

You will be pleased to know that your daddy took me to get two mini schnauzer puppies. It was Christmas; I had to lift my head up again. Their names are Alex and Hayden. They have brought me joy and helped to heal such a void in my life. I can't say that you would have ever tolerated such foolishness in the house, but you would be happy that they are giving me that companionship. They'll be great at that!

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Sep 18, 2010
Moved, and thank you...
by: Teresa, Albert's mommy

I just wanted each of you to know how precious the words of condolences and support you placed here for my lovely Albert. It was so special to read what each of you had written and how you had taken the time to write it. What a blessing to see such compassion being shared from you! Thank you so very much!

Jul 26, 2010
Alberts Story Helps
by: Carol

Teresa, I just can't imagine the pain. To think a routine dental cleaning could have such a horrible outcome.

Thanks to your story, I've been brushing my Schnauzer's teeth daily so we can avoid the vet dental cleaning and anesthesia.

Until the day comes when you are reunited with Albert, remember the good times.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Feb 10, 2010
From someone who knew Albert
by: Albert's friend

What a beautiful tribute to Albert. See, I had the pleasure and joy of grooming Albert for quite awhile! Sometimes when you lose a pet and you write down your feelings, you wonder if he really was as wonderful as you remember him. I can tell you that Albert was! As a professional groomer, I have had my share of going through loss with many clients, but few have hit me as hard as this. To his family (and his new little brothers) I have told you how I feel, but please know that you guys are still in my prayers and always close to my thoughts!!! Although I have schnauzers (giants), Albert will always be my favorite mini!!!

Feb 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful baby Albert was, I have a 6 year old mini schnauzer and have been putting off a dental for him, now I will certainly not have it done. I am so sorry for you loss, he was a special dog, and I can't imagine what you are going through right now. I'm glad you got the two new pups to get you through this. He will always be with you.

Feb 01, 2010
What a gorgeous dog. I know how your are feeling
by: Julie

What a lovely tribute to your gorgeous dog Albert. It must have been a nightmare getting that phone call telling you that sweet Albert had passed over rainbow bridge. I have also lost 2 of my gorgeous dogs and best friends recently. The pain and hurt is so hard to deal with. I still have 2 dogs. I suppose we have to pay the price for all the fun and happiness they give us in our lives. I hope time and your new best friend will help you through. You will always have lots of happy memories of you and Albert. xx

Jan 31, 2010
Gorgeous Schnauzer
by: Corky

What a beautiful Schnauzer Albert was. I know it must have been a shock to lose a beloved pet under such circumstances. Remember, you will see him again when you cross the rainbow bridge where he will be waiting for you.

Jan 31, 2010
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Hi and please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of Beloved Albert.

Sounds like a love and I am sure he was

I have a schnauzer named Harry. I too lost a love of my life Lucy. She was a Maltese and was with us for 12 and 1/2 years but that was not enough. When I lost her I lost my heart.

We got Harry a few months after losing Lucy and we have him now almost 2 years. He will be 3 in July.
I love him dearly. He is quite different than Lucy but wonderful as well. He is a love and is so funny too.

We adopted Harry a sister a few months after getting Harry. Her name is Sally and she is a Bichon/Yorkie mix. They love each other so much since day one.

I thank you for your letter and as I sit here crying I want to tell you although it gets easier sort of it never goes away.....that is the love you had for Albert.

I want to say one more thing....please......I was considering a dental for Sally but this has stopped me in my tracks.

Thank you for your thoughts...Thank you for loving Albert and just plain Thank you


Jan 31, 2010
Thoughts about your tribute to Albert
by: Tanya

I am so glad that you were finally able to pen some beautiful and thoughtful words about the loss of your beautiful companion. I felt every word you wrote. I have had my Schnauzer for a little less than three years now, and I identify with many things you said. I love her dearly and do not want to face the day when I have to part with her.
My heart goes out to you. I am glad you have other Minis for companionship but I also know that they will never take Albert's place.
Thanks for sharing your heartfelt memories of such a beautiful dog.

Jan 31, 2010
A Beautiful Tribute to a Beautiful Schnauzer
by: Athena

Teresa, your Miniature Schnauzer Albert sounds like he was truly a joy and blessing to have in your life, even if it was for a short time.

Your words moved me to tears. I hope you can find some strength through your wonderful memories and know deep within your heart you will be united again one day.

Thanks for sharing such an heart-warming tribute.

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