Acupressure for Dogs

Acupressure for dogs is used as a type of external medicine, if you will, to treat dog injuries and other dog health problems including arthritis, hip dysplasia, back problems, allergies and more.

Based on an ancient form of Chinese healing that all bodily functions are regulated by a flow of energy or life-force called qi (pronounced chee). This life-force moves through energy channels of the body called meridians.

Acupressure for dogs is aimed to correct imbalances in the dog's qi, which according to its practitioners, can result in disease or sickness. The healing process begins by applying pressure with your fingers to specific pressure points on your dog's body. To locate your dog's acupoints, simply run your fingers down your Schnauzer's body feeling for indentations or sunken areas. These are the acupoints and where pressure will be applied. Keep in mind, you are putting pressure on the hollows only. You never want to put any pressure on bony areas.

The following videos by Dawn Smith from Traditional Chinese Therapy demonstrates further the proper way to perform acupressure for dogs. Watch and learn how this technique can be used to help alleviate or relieve illness or injury in your dog.

Dawn has put together a series of videos to learn more about the benefits of dog acupressure

Canine Acupressure vs. Canine Acupuncture

There seems to be some confusion between the difference in the alternative treatments of acupressure and acupuncture. Acupressure actually utilizes the same principles as acupuncture however, acupuncture is done by a practitioner using needles whereas acupressure can be performed by layperson, since pressure is applied only by one's fingers onto the acupoints.

Other similar alternative and external therapies for your Schnauzer include dog reflexology and dog massage therapy. Canine reflexology uses pressure and massage of the dog's paws. You apply pressure to each pad and a gentle massage between them.Dog Massage therapy is more of a full body head to tail massage using gentle long strokes.

5 important acupoints on your Miniature Schnauzer

While there are many pressure points all over your dog's body, here are 5 key acupoints for relief:

  1. The GV-26 is located at the point where the nose meets the upper lip. This is a key point for emergency resuscitation, seizures, or collapse. Applying pressure to this point can actually trigger your pet to breathe.

  2. The GV-20 is located in the middle of the top of the head. Use a gentle back and forth massage stroke to create a calming effect on your dog.

  3. The GV-4 is located in the middle of the back and stimulating this area to support the kidneys and bring energy and vitality to your dog.

  4. The GB-34 is located on the outside hind leg just below the knee joint and stimulating this pressure point is good for muscle and tendon problems as it increases blood flow and oxygen to tissues and organs.

  5. The LI-11 is located on the outside of the upper part of the foreleg. Pressure here aids in infections, allergies, and arthritic pain as it clears heat from the upper body.

dog acupressure points

Acupressure for Dogs Important Reminders

  • Always seek advice from your veterinarian before beginning any type of holistic treatment or therapy on your dog.
  • Apply pressure only to the hollows or openings.
  • Stimulate acupoints with your fingertips.
  • Fingers should be completely straight up and down stance.
  • End each therapy session by massaging along the spine and then keep your dog calm for several minutes.
  • Performing acupressure sessions on your dog 2 to 3 times a week for maximum benefits.

Although not meant as a replacement for traditional medical care, holistic treatments such as canine acupressure, can provide pain relief, reduce your dog's stress, or support the overall well-being of your Miniature Schnauzer. Be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian on your next visit.

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