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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Spooky the Schnauzer

Spooky the Schnauzer rescues two broken-hearted people. Finley, our 11 yr old Mini Schnauzer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We were treating

Continue reading "Spooky the Schnauzer"



Continue reading "MEET LOLA - JUST TOO CUTE "

My sweet Mardi

My sweet Mardi, I miss you so much. You were so brave, you fought your diabetes and atypical Cushings for 3 years. You never resented or feared any of

Continue reading "My sweet Mardi"

Dog Minding- A Must Have For Dogs

Dog minding services have become one of the most sought-after services for pet owners because people prefer to leave their pets in a home environment where

Continue reading "Dog Minding- A Must Have For Dogs"

If you like chocolate,you will love me-Bougie

If you like chocolate You will love me I was born in Oklahoma And found on-line, you see. I traveled to Illinois Where my new family lives I'm the luckiest

Continue reading "If you like chocolate,you will love me-Bougie"

Meet Henry…Mr. Personality

Hi, I'm Henry! My mommy and daddy bought me out of the back of car in Andrews, TX, and we've been a happy family since! I'm 7 months old, and by my name

Continue reading "Meet Henry…Mr. Personality"

I Bark, You Bark, We all Bark for Ice Cream!!

Greetings!!! My name is Pepper and I live in Minnesota with my human family. I came to Minnesota from the Mason City, Iowa Animal Shelter. My owner has

Continue reading "I Bark, You Bark, We all Bark for Ice Cream!!"


Hi, my name is Coco and I am 2 1/2 years old. I was adopted when I was 9 weeks old and have been in my forever home ever since. My mom calls me Coco-licious

Continue reading "CoCo-licious"

At Home Dog Checkup and Health Chart

Learn how to perform a dog checkup at home. FREE dog check-up chart to record and monitor any changes in your Miniature Schnauzer. 10 areas to check weekly from head to tail, so he stays healthy.

Continue reading "At Home Dog Checkup and Health Chart "

The rescued model!

Woof woof = Hey everyone! My name is Cali and I'm 1 yr old. I was originally adopted about 6 months ago and I ought to say, I love my family a lot!

Continue reading "The rescued model! "

Rescued my little Roma

I found my mini on-line. A breeder had dropped off 14 puppies, from 2 litters, at a nearby shelter. All the pups were so scared. When I saw some of the

Continue reading "Rescued my little Roma"

My soulmate, my life.

From puppy to old man, I loved him more than anything or anyone in the world. I would have died or killed for him, that is how much he meant to me.

Continue reading "My soulmate, my life."

Dog Boarding Kennels - a Habitat for Man’s Best Friend

What are dog boarding kennels? The kennels are a structure in which the dog is placed and looked after. It is also known as doghouse. Kennels also means

Continue reading "Dog Boarding Kennels - a Habitat for Man’s Best Friend"

Chosing a Dog Boarding Facility

Dog Boarding Tips. How to find the best kennel to watch over your pet. 10 questions to ask and tips to ensure your dog is well taken care of while you are away.

Continue reading "Chosing a Dog Boarding Facility"

My Clancy

About 11 years ago, I found Clancy through a breeder in my area of Indiana. I had researched breeds for one that was easy to train and loved children.

Continue reading "My Clancy"

Skippy - My precious little boy

Skippy John Jones Garrison was the sweetest most loving hilarious dog I have ever met. He had a autoimmune disease and was miserable always itching and

Continue reading "Skippy - My precious little boy"

5 Dog Allergies Symptoms and Treatment

Dog Allergies. Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. If your dog is itching and scratching all the time could be an allergic reaction to flea bites, certain foods, or inhaling dust. Get your dog relief.

Continue reading "5 Dog Allergies Symptoms and Treatment"

The Judge

We adopted The Judge in January. DNA testing concluded he was a black miniature Schnauzer. When we first saw him, Judge had flea bite infections. He was

Continue reading "The Judge"

Mini Schnauzer Radar

Radar came to us in November 2013, at age 4 months. We adopted him from a Recycled Pets, a rescue group in Rock Hill, SC. He had been surrendered there

Continue reading "Mini Schnauzer Radar"

Lady Lily

This is our six month old mini schnauzer named Lily. She is very intelligent and stubborn at the same time. From the day we got her at 8 weeks old, she

Continue reading "Lady Lily "

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