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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Create a Dog First Aid Kit

Make a Dog First Aid Kit. Treat minor dog wounds at home. Human medication safe for dogs, induce vomiting, emergency supplies needed to care for your Schnauzer.

Continue reading "Create a Dog First Aid Kit"

My beloved Heidi-Lu

To My beloved Heidi-Lu: 8 days ago God called you to Heaven to be with him. My heart has a big void it in since you left me but I know that you are in

Continue reading "My beloved Heidi-Lu"

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Stories

Mini Schnauzer Rescue Stories.Saving the life of a Schnauzer.What it takes to adopt a dog. Inspirational stories submitted by site visitors who have adopted Schnauzers. Write your own

Continue reading "Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Stories"

Fight Dog Phobia and Win It Too

When faced with a fluffy puppy or doe-eyed dog, the common instinct for most is to bend over and take a closer look. However, most people aren't all people.

Continue reading "Fight Dog Phobia and Win It Too"

It's Suri Rule

Hi, I'm Suri. My Mom always tells me that my full name on paper is Lady Suri but what's so important about that. Never before have people called me Lady,

Continue reading "It's Suri Rule"

Brittany...katza meow, meow katza katzi zoo

Feels like 150th time I have shed tears since your passing one week before Christmas Eve 2012 after 17 years and 1 month. I will now try to put your loss

Continue reading "Brittany...katza meow, meow katza katzi zoo "

Easter Dog Treats and Hunt Game for Dogs

Easter dog treats perfect for a good Easter Hunt with your dog. Our Tuna Balls dog treat recipe along with the Find It game helps satisfy the Schnauzer hunting instincts and is mentally stimulating

Continue reading "Easter Dog Treats and Hunt Game for Dogs"

Getting to know the neighbors

I brought home my Mom's 2 minis Gabriel(Gabe) male 6yrs & Little Bit female 5 yrs a few months ago. I have neighbors on the south side of my fenced-in

Continue reading "Getting to know the neighbors"


This is Lexie, the little pup that saved my heart. It is fate I tell you. I lost my 10 year old Mini Parker in August 2013 and my heart was completely

Continue reading "LEXIE"

Dogs and Babies 20 Tips

Dogs and babies 20 Tips to help you through the initial introduction of your new baby to the family dog. How to have a smooth and safe meeting.

Continue reading "Dogs and Babies 20 Tips"

Find a Good Dog Groomer or Pet Salon

Find a Good Dog Groomer for your Schnauzer. What you need to know about pet salons before you leave your dog to be groomed. Qustions to ask and grooming tips.

Continue reading "Find a Good Dog Groomer or Pet Salon"


My Mrs. saw this on the computer and said that I should enter. You see, I am the most specially, special Schnauzer ever, or any dog for that matter. My

Continue reading "Izzy "

T'Jeanne My Heart My Baby

T'Jeanne You are the sweetest most loving baby your mom ever had. I would carry you like a real baby and you were happy to be with me. You were always

Continue reading "T'Jeanne My Heart My Baby"

It's gonna pop!!

Hi, I'm Reggie and this is Edie, as in Edith. She is 6 months old and I am one year. Although she is bigger than me I can still out-agility her and definitely

Continue reading "It's gonna pop!!"

Gracie Lu...Freebush--Ms. Congeniality!

Little Gracie is just a pup--14 weeks on 3/16. She is a marvel. Recently took her to work with me and a co-worker had some broiled chicken so she was

Continue reading "Gracie Lu...Freebush--Ms. Congeniality!"

All Dressed Up

Pepper is a recuse Mini Schnauzer from Mason City, Iowa. His owner had small grandchildren that did not blend well with Pepper and the Humane Society

Continue reading "All Dressed Up"

I am QUEEN from Guangzhou China

Hello! I'm a miniature schnauzer, master to help me up a very powerful what's the name of the queen, so everyone will call her queen’s mother ha ha.

Continue reading "I am QUEEN from Guangzhou China"

Pepsi Berlin

Pepsi Berlin is now 8 months old and developing nicely. A very loving girl with very set ideas on the sequence of daily routine. Pepsi has always retired

Continue reading "Pepsi Berlin"

my little man, Leo

May, 2013 i had to put my precious mini schnauzer Leo to sleep. I donated his body to the vet so maybe she could learn more about his illness...turned

Continue reading "my little man, Leo"

Gardening with Lola

I saw my little girl Lola, being born. She was breeched. I was lucky she survived because she is the reason for a smile on my face day after day. Her

Continue reading "Gardening with Lola"

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