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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Meet Our Sweet Piper!

We are pleased to introduce Piper, our precious pup, who is 3 years old! She is the delight of our lives and the best companion we could ask for. Piper

Continue reading "Meet Our Sweet Piper!"

I'm Benji.. Merry Christmas..

I'm Benji and I thought I'd wish you all a very Merry Christmas .. with photos.. but my two pals who I live with say Merry Christmas too.. Mummy took

Continue reading "I'm Benji.. Merry Christmas.."

Smokey Appel

Smokey is a 5-year-old miniature schnauzer. From the day we brought him home we knew he was our special little boy. Even though Smokey was a runt, he

Continue reading "Smokey Appel"

Celebrating Jasper

Every schnauzer is uniquely special, schnauzer folk know that. I'm so terribly sorry for the loss that many of you are also feeling. Jasper was my world.

Continue reading "Celebrating Jasper "

Marleigh Mae's First Christmas

Our little Marleigh Mae came to us on September 28th of this year. We already have a mini schnoodle and were looking to get another one, but when we saw

Continue reading "Marleigh Mae's First Christmas"

My Little Angel, Bean

My wife and I were not looking for Bean back in 2001, but she sprouted up in our lives. I was not a dog person growing up, so I didn't know what to expect.

Continue reading "My Little Angel, Bean"

Meet Miss Evie T!

Hi! I am Miss Evie T; Evie for short, unless I steal one of Mom's socks! Then she calls me T. Mom says the T stands for Trouble, but I prefer to believe

Continue reading "Meet Miss Evie T!"

Lil" Bit Waller-my white schnauzer

You came to me one day when my son broke up with his girl friend. I had given him the $600 to buy her the white schnauzer she wanted. Fortunately she couldn't

Continue reading "Lil" Bit Waller-my white schnauzer"

RUHA Leather Dog Collar Review

RUHA Leather Dog Collar review. RUHA Leather utilizes laser engraving to permanently identify dog’s name and contact information on the collar eliminating the need for dangling ID tags.

Continue reading "RUHA Leather Dog Collar Review"

Meet Bella Lou!

Bella is back at again, spreading her cuteness around! Bella is 6 years old and brings a smile to our faces every day. She joins her brother Dobby who

Continue reading "Meet Bella Lou!"

My Furry Friend, Sparky

One week has passed since I had to say good-bye to my beloved furry little friend, Sparky on 11-22-14. He was my confidant who showed unconditional love

Continue reading "My Furry Friend, Sparky"

Poptart and Olliepop

Back in 2012 I lost my beloved Schnauzer Spanky at the ripe old age of 18. I was devastated by the loss and after about a year had gone by I decided it

Continue reading "Poptart and Olliepop"

My beloved Pepper

Every day I am loving my puppy more and more. I got this precious mini schnauzer for my birthday and I named him Pepper. He was born On May 2, 2014.

Continue reading "My beloved Pepper"

Merry, Doggy Christmas from Gumby!

Well, here it is... another Christmas in my forever home! My name is Gumby. I am an older, adopted, rescue schnauzer. I am about 12 years old now.

Continue reading "Merry, Doggy Christmas from Gumby!"

Gumby & Wiston say, "Have a Happy Barky Christmas!"

Miniature schnauzer Gumby and his little brother Winston want to wish everybody a Merry , Barky Christmas. In pondering what to get for Christmas this

Continue reading "Gumby & Wiston say, "Have a Happy Barky Christmas!""

2015 Schnauzer Calendar

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I always thought the Labrador Retriever was the most beautiful dog breed. So when the time came to get a dog, it was just a matter of finding the right

Continue reading "Maggi "


How do you say goodbye to the light in your eyes each morning? How do you say goodbye to the schnauzer hugs that embraced you each day? How do you say


Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety tips to ensure a safe holiday for entire family. How to prepare your home, signs of pet poisoning, using no flame candles, dogs and halloween tips and halloween safety rules.

Continue reading "Halloween Pet Safety Tips "

Top 10 Schnauzer Gifts

Top 10 Schnauzer Gifts. Most wanted items include breed specific merchandise and gifts, pet caricatures, first aid kit for dogs,dog cooling mat, flea kits, interactive toys, travel gear, and more!

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2015 Mini Schnauzer Calendar

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