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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

My wonderful. Little companion

Quincy, my beloved little male mini Schnauzer passed away in July 2017. His sister , Kelsie passed away from diabetes only 5 months before in February

Continue reading "My wonderful. Little companion "

My little buddy Otto

I rescued Otto from owners that no longer wanted him on May 16, 2015, he was 5. He loved belly rubs, treats and camping! We would take him to our camp

Continue reading "My little buddy Otto"

The love of my life** Tucker

I have been around dogs ever since I was a child. My father in w/c trained several Rottweiler. They money he paid for the training. My best friend had

Continue reading "The love of my life** Tucker"

A home for Sweet Allie

My husband and I were going through some fertility procedures and we were unsuccessful! About the same time I was looking for a Schnauzer we had a salt

Continue reading "A home for Sweet Allie"

My little white schnauzer Olive

Olive was the greatest little dog. She loved to watch TV and listen to music. Every time she heard the song my best friend by Queen she would come running

Continue reading "My little white schnauzer Olive"

My dog is afraid to come in the door

I adopted an 8 month male schnauzer. We have a fenced yard. I put him out and he won’t come back in. When I go to get him, he runs away. I tried leaving

Continue reading "My dog is afraid to come in the door"

Lionel Hunnybunny Woofenstein

Lionel loves cuddles and treats. He is gentle and kind to all people and beasts. He loves being clean and avoids dirt at all costs. He prefers crisp clean

Continue reading "Lionel Hunnybunny Woofenstein"

Coco Schnaunel

Meet Golda Barker- Meshuggenowitz, so named for her “talks” with her beloved daddy as well as her “episodes” of general madness. She tolerates her mother

Continue reading "Coco Schnaunel"

Max , my brave, fierce soldier

Max is my 9 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. I have been her proud owner since she was 9 weeks old . About a year ago, she became gravely ill with

Continue reading "Max , my brave, fierce soldier "

Molly the Harley riding Schnauzer

Molly was the smartest and lovingest fur baby I ever owned, wait, that I ever belonged to!! She told me when it was time to go to bed and when it was time

Continue reading "Molly the Harley riding Schnauzer "


Running Rocky Rounded-up and Rescued Rocky, a dark-grey Miniature Schnauzer was found running the streets. He was wet, hungry and unrecognizable as a

Continue reading "Rocky"

My Best Friend and Buddy Banjo

Banjo wasn't just any dog, or Schnauzer either. We had a previous Schnauzer whom we loved dearly & was from a private breeder. But Banjo was my baby. He

Continue reading "My Best Friend and Buddy Banjo"

Toby Vin Schnauzer

My name is Toby and I’m 6 months old! As you can see in my picture, I’m really not too fond or this bed thingy. For the past month I’ve tried to figure

Continue reading "Toby Vin Schnauzer "

My baby boy Blue

My baby was fine and normal this past Wednesday. Then on Thursday he started vomiting along with bloody diarrhea. I thought he may have ate something outside

Continue reading "My baby boy Blue"

The Queen of the Family

Meet Daisy, the queen of our home. She came to us not long after we lost our black Schnauzer, Zuzu, to diabetes. We were heartbroken. Even our Black

Continue reading "The Queen of the Family"

A Little Whiskey for Our Home

Meet Whiskey when he first arrived at our home last year. We had a wonderful Mini Schnauzer in our home for 16 years, his name was Sidney. When Sidney

Continue reading "A Little Whiskey for Our Home"


Loving caring and soo cute when I talk gibberish she is also a guide dog but she has been hurt before and we are helping her she is soo caring when we

Continue reading "Greta"

How do you mend a broken heart? Lil Jakie

I was devastated. We had to put our little mini Jakie down. He was 17 years old and the best dog I have had. He was given to us at age 14 as a gift from

Continue reading "How do you mend a broken heart? Lil Jakie"

My Shadow Ghost

I lost my shadow Ghost on Friday 13th. He was a very sweet and lovable little boy. I couldn't go any where with out him, go hang out laundry he would lay

Continue reading "My Shadow Ghost"

My Sweet Boy Bite Bite

Bite Bite was a White Mini Schnauzer, the first one I had ever seen. It was love at first sight, a connection and Bond like NO other. He was Always with

Continue reading "My Sweet Boy Bite Bite"


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