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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

My Special Zena

I would like to introduce my little girl Zena, she has just turned 9 but sadly 3 weeks ago she was diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma and we were told she

Continue reading "My Special Zena"

Easter Dog Treats and Hunt Game for Dogs

Easter dog treats perfect for a good Easter Hunt with your dog. Our Tuna Balls dog treat recipe along with the Find It game helps satisfy the Schnauzer hunting instincts and is mentally stimulating

Continue reading "Easter Dog Treats and Hunt Game for Dogs"

Ella the Mountain Schnauzer

This is Ella, our mini-schnauzer. She is 9 weeks old, we just got recently. We spent weeks looking at different breeds and meeting different puppies, but

Continue reading "Ella the Mountain Schnauzer"

My Sweet Angel Lulu

We got our sweet Lulu when she was about 12 weeks old. We were coming to someone's house to get a white one, but as soon as we saw Lulu, which was salt

Continue reading "My Sweet Angel Lulu"

Our bestest boy MURHY

Murphy was our boy. We loved him so very much. He was a family member! Yesterday was the worst day of our family's life. Murphy had developed congestive

Continue reading "Our bestest boy MURHY"

Shadow the Schnauzer

Shadow was a dog I had since I was very young, as a matter of fact, I don't have any memories without him. He passed away at 16. He had dementia and was

Continue reading "Shadow the Schnauzer"

Remembering Joey

3/7-Joey boy you had to leave us this sad day. Your loss left such a hole in our lives. You were such a smart, funny little guy, almost human. The laughter

Continue reading "Remembering Joey"

My special wee boy Rudi

Rudi was the child my husband and I never had together. He was a very special little schnauzer full off love and so gentle, but Not long after his 12th

Continue reading "My special wee boy Rudi"

A home for Old Man Dean

Our family had a previous 12 year old mini Schnauzer that passed away just after Thanksgiving due to MRSA. My father has always had rescue Schnauzers.

Continue reading "A home for Old Man Dean"

A Forever Home for Baylee

My husband and I lost our beautiful big girl, Maggie to cancer. We adopted a Golden Retriever mix(Molly)from our Humane Society but none of our older dogs

Continue reading "A Forever Home for Baylee"

My sweet angel Abbey

I had to say goodbye to my wonderful little angel Abbey on Dec. 27th 2016. She was 17 years old. She was like our other child. She was with us all the

Continue reading "My sweet angel Abbey"

My Beloved Son Olaf

My husband and I got Olaf on August 3rd, he was born on June 5, 2016. Getting him is the best decision i ever had in my life. He changed me in a way that

Continue reading "My Beloved Son Olaf"

Cosmo The K Man

Meet our adorable new puppy (mini Schnauzer) Cosmo. Cosmo will be 12 weeks this Sunday & really growing fast. He is such a cutie & loves plenty of cuddles.

Continue reading "Cosmo The K Man"

Little Rascal

What an ordeal I went through to get my baby! I had come to admire the miniature schnauzer breed and after much research and thought, I decided the mini

Continue reading "Little Rascal"

Jocks- companion to all

I got Jock in 2003. At the time I thought he was an adult dog. He turned out to be a 6 month old super cute, friendly, snuggle-bug, and great escape artist.

Continue reading "Jocks- companion to all"

Meet Baxter!

This is Baxter! My wife and I picked him up at 7 weeks old weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds! He’s been such a handful already but in a good way, he’s

Continue reading "Meet Baxter!"

Meet Cisco the Kidd

Cisco is an old but enegeric dog. He enjoys playing with his ball, going for walks, lounging on the couch, and barking at anything at moves. He may be

Continue reading "Meet Cisco the Kidd"

Tia a Puppy Mill rescue has Finally Found Love and a Forever Family

Today my mini schnauzer Lola and I went to ARF an awesome rescue in Wainscott and adopted the sweetest 4 year old mini schnauzer. She was a puppy mill

Continue reading "Tia a Puppy Mill rescue has Finally Found Love and a Forever Family"

Oscar (del la Hoya)

Oscar was rescued from a sad situation. He instantly became family the moment we drove 6 hours to take him. He was the best companion to all of us for

Continue reading "Oscar (del la Hoya) "

Macy and Maddie

I would like to introduce you to Macy and Maddie our beautiful black mini's. Macy our one and a half year old is full of energy and loves to play. My husband

Continue reading "Macy and Maddie "


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