Turkey Bowl Bash

by Schnauzers Rule

Turkey Bowl Bash

Turkey Bowl Bash

So it's Thanksgiving day and your family is enjoying a yummy feast and your whole house smells delicious! You look down at your Miniature Schnauzer who has the most pitiful look on his face just begging you to give him just a taste. Well don't do it. Our foods have way too much fat in them which can bring on pancreatitis.

What you can do is prepare your Miniature Schnauzer his very own Turkey dinner. Our super yummy turkey and rice meal will have you dog doing spins and it's healthy for him too!

List of Ingredients:

• 1/2 cup ground turkey
• 2 cups brown rice
• 1 cup peeled and sliced sweet potato
• 1 cup diced green beans

You can add other vegetables too including peas, squash, beets, carrots, and spinach!

Cooking Directions:
• Brown ground turkey in a fry pan (if necessary you can add 1 tbsp oil)
• Steam or boil rice in a pot per package instructions
• Steam your choice of vegetables. When cooked dice, mash, or cut them into small bites.

Once the rice is cooked, place it in a large bowl and begin spooning in the cooked ground turkey add the vegetables. If you like add some clean filtered water to make more of a stew.

Your Schnauzer is going to love this home cooked meal. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

If you like preparing meals for your dog, you might want to check out Dr Miller's 245 Homemade Healthy Recipes

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Turkey Dog
by: beth

My dog really likes this recipe!

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