Soleil Shih Tzu

by Linda Barrette
(McKinney, TX, USA)

Soleil Shih Tzu

Soleil Shih Tzu

Soleil Shih Tzu
Soleil Shih Tzu
Soleil Shih Tzu
Soleil Shih Tzu

Soleil was rescued from a puppymill breeder and was in real bad shape. She had almost no hair on her body and was very frightened and shy. She had severe skin allergies and a cloudy eye. We brought her home as a foster and she never left. With constant vet care, new diet and lots of love and patience, our girl became the sweetest little bundle of joy! With time, Soleil's hair grew back and she learned to trust humans again. She is a majestic lady now and she is in very good health. Her name was Baby Girl. We renamed her Soleil, which is the French translation of the word Sun because that's what she is to us; sunshine in our lives.

Soleil snores so loud, that sometimes, mommy has to wear earplugs! No kidding! Soleil made such progress within 3 years! She has learned to play with other dogs and enjoy herself. She hates to go out for walks and now she really enjoys to go out with her sister Sammie Poochon. Soleil recently turned 15, on July 1st. You cannot tell; she still plays, loves to go for car rides, loves to go for walks and nibble on my fingers.

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Sweet Girl
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Soleil is so sweet looking. You've done a great job with her, and she looks as happy as a clam.

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