Mini Schnauzer Photo Contest 2016

Please be sure to read this page thoroughly before entering your dog in the Mini Schnauzer Photo Contest 2016.

Unfortunately we receive many submissions that are disqualified for not following all the entry rules. The culprit is usually because a photo is submitted with a very short story or just a few sentences. Rules clearly state:


Ready to enter your Miniature Schnauzer in our photo contest for a chance to be selected as Schnauzer of the Month and possibly be featured in our yearly calendar? Great!

Our yearly best-selling Miniature Schnauzer Calendar features the very best photos submitted right here on Schnauzers Rule of beautiful Miniature Schnauzers, just like yours. In fact, why not yours?

Entering the 2016 Schnauzer photo contest is easy. Just be sure you've read through all the qualifying instructions first, then upload up to 4 of the very best pictures of your Mini Schnauzer along with your Schnauzer's story and information. It's simple to do and only takes a few minutes.

Avoid being disqualified: Read the official dog photo contest rules, provide all requested information, make sure your pictures are in focus (see below), avoid cluttered backgrounds, and NO recognizable people please. This is a Mini Schnauzer contest after all.

NOTE: If your entry does not go live after 36 hours it means you did not provide the requested information per the dog contest rules and will need to re-submit a new entry. (ex. 150 words minimum)

Each month a winning Schnauzer picture will be chosen and featured on our home page for the whole world to see. And considering Schnauzers Rule is the #1 Mini Schnauzer website on the internet, it will be seen by tens of thousands of Schnauzer-loving fans! WooHoo! PLUS all the winning photos will be featured in our calendar or used to create ecards or other Schnauzer-themed items.


2016 Schnauzer Photo Contest Entry Form

  1. Enter a Title. For example: Meet Sir Barks Alot
  2. Tell us a bit about your Mini Schnauzer. How you came to be a family. Sex and Age. Favorite Toys, Games or any Pet-Peeves. Tell a funny story or describe your picture settings. This is what our visitors will read about your Schnauzer. 150 words minimum
  3. Upload up to 4 Schnauzer photos.
  4. Submit your Entry!
  5. Photo entries may be used in our yearly calendar, dog ecards, etc. By entering you are agreeing to these Submission Guidelines

Schnauzer Contest Entries

Click on any of the links below to see the Schnauzer contest entries from other visitors to this page...

Ella the Mountain Schnauzer 
This is Ella, our mini-schnauzer. She is 9 weeks old, we just got recently. We spent weeks looking at different breeds and meeting different puppies, but …

Cosmo The K Man 
Meet our adorable new puppy (mini Schnauzer) Cosmo. Cosmo will be 12 weeks this Sunday & really growing fast. He is such a cutie & loves plenty of cuddles. …

Meet Cisco the Kidd 
Cisco is an old but enegeric dog. He enjoys playing with his ball, going for walks, lounging on the couch, and barking at anything at moves. He may be …

Sisters by the same Mister 
We are sisters by the same sire but different mothers. My name is Molly (on the right) and I'm the oldest (10 years old) although Twinkles (8 years old) …

Meet my shadow 
I have a 5 months male S/P named Paco. live in Cyprus where miniature schnauzers are quite rare. Therefore finding a breeder here was difficult. I wanted …

Meet Sir Waldo Benson Bailey 
Waldo became a joyful addition to my family in 2007. I had moved to Alaska with my three pugs and when I learned one of my co-workers had a litter of mini …

Brothers from separate litters 
My friend Carole lived alone. I had Schnauzers and she fell in love with mine! I found a local woman, who had a whoops litter, and purchased a male schnauzer …

Almost human  
Hi! This is Lilli. Queen of the couch, owner of anything that is round and rolls, and master of the art of "all bark and no bite." Chasing cats, acting …

Lola Jane Pants & Maeby Lou von Schnauzer 
Lola Jane Pants is our 10 year-old Mini Schnauzer. She lost her 9 yea-old brother, Rufus, in May of this year. She was there the day he passed away at …

Tilly, Our Little Tinker 
This is Tilly, our one year old girl who we welcomed into our home and lives at the age of 8 weeks. From the start we knew she had a little heart murmur …

Life With Kylie and Pixie 
I had never owned a dog before Kylie. Two years ago I first heard about Kylie through a friend. Her neighbor was going through a divorce and he didn't …

Meet Cooper 
This is Cooper at 9 weeks old after having just received his first puppy trim. I got Cooper when he was 8 weeks old and let me tell you I was nervous and …

Along Came Addie 
We are Cubs fans so both our dogs are named in honor of the Cubs. I wanted another dog and found I loved schnauzers because of our mixed breed schnauzer …

Boomer Jack Able 
Boomer Jack was born on Valentine's Day in 2014. We adopted him from a coworker of mine when he was eight weeks old. My husband named him after the bar …

Meet My Schnauzer Clan 
Here is Blitz, Fritz, Muddy, Stark, Smokey, Sally and Terry on expensive haircut day. All of these crazy dogs are rescues. Blitz and Fritz the black …

Elle Woods: Legally Black 
Hi my name is Ellie! My mom named me after Elle Woods, because she is in law school. I am a four month old miniature schnauzer. I just had my first Christmas …

Meet Baxter! 
This is Baxter! My wife and I picked him up at 7 weeks old weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds! He’s been such a handful already but in a good way, he’s …

Meet Copper- Otherwise known as Copernicus 
Copper was born on June 26, 2016. That just happened to be his owner's birthday too! With his mischievous eyes and dashing good looks, he was bound to …

Kayd -Joey's little sister 
Meet my sweet little mini girl Kayd. Kayd's full name is Joey's Katherine Hepburn. When Joey passed away Kayd wailed for days. Sometimes she still does. …

Our Sausage Face  
This is Bailey Gray, he is our little sausage face, and for the past 16 months he has changed our lives, totally and completely for the better. He spends …

Macy and Maddie  
I would like to introduce you to Macy and Maddie our beautiful black mini's. Macy our one and a half year old is full of energy and loves to play. My husband …

Ace The Mud Bug 
Ace came to be apart of his loving family at Christmas time. He is a male and is 10 months old , he is a ball of joy and loved by everyone. He's not alone …

Bella from Canada  
My name is Bella and I'm from Canada. I'm turning 4 in a few days. I'm the most spoiled dog on my street. I can't be denied anything with this adorable …

Meet Miss Evie T 
Our little Miss Evie T, is a Parti color, meaning she has patches of brown and black on her otherwise white coat. The Parti gene only exists in the Miniature …

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Meet Princess Isabella 
Isabella is three years old and is one of the loves of our lives, she sleeps with me every night and is a bed hog she thinks she has to get so close she …

Tucker's New Boots 
Meet Tucker; he is just 6 months old in this picture and went for his first hike in the deep snow. Tucker goes everywhere with us; especially with my husband …

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PHOTOS MUST BE IN FOCUS for Calendar: Photos must be of good quality in order to be featured in our yearly calendar. If a winning photo for any particular month does not meet the criteria to produce a quality product, another Schnauzer photo of better quality submitted from any given month will be used instead for the yearly calendar.

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