Miniature Schnauzer Scarlet

by Steven
(Kissimmee, Fla, USA)

Miniature Schnauzer,

Miniature Schnauzer,

I was browsing a dog for sale website before I went to bed, and saw her pictures. Her name is Scarlet, a female Miniature Schnauzer, who was born on August, 12th 2009.

She has a very unique marking and color, which is : a liver and white party. She looks so gorgeous and unique. I know that she is not a show dog or has a recognize color in AKC dog show, but I believe that she deserves to have a forever loving home. Long story short, I bought her and flew her down to Florida from California.

Now, she has lived with me, for just a couple days, so she needs some adjustment, but I am sure she will be fine.

She knows that I will love her forever.....

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by: Richelle

We just rescued a puppy that looks so similar, only his coat isn't smooth like a schnauzer. He has a more terrier like coat. Like you I was smitten as soon as I saw him!

thank u for finding her
by: Bert Patrick

as a miniature Schnauzer lover, u have made the overall best choice, she will have her moments and test u some but just stay on top of her when she steps out of line, firmly but never to strong, just a good NO, works and do it each time, usually takes maybe 4-5 times, and later u will see she is the only choice, again thank u for finding her, so enjoy each other, she will be ur best friend ever

by: Anita

Scarlet is one beautiful schnauzer, I know that her colouring is probably very unusual and not what breeders want, but I personally think she is gorgeous, and I own a schnauzer (our much loved baby). I hope she brings you lots of love and joy.

Very pretty!
by: Anonymous

Your Scarlet IS gorgeous with this liver and white color, and her ears are pretty! Congratulations!

schnauzer girl
by: Anonymous

She's really pretty

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