Miniature Schnauzer Kosher

by Christine

Miniature Schnauzer Kosher

Miniature Schnauzer Kosher

When I am not taking Kosher with me, I tell him go to the window to say bye, he'll jump on the back of the loveseat and watch me leave through the window. When I return, I am greeted by Kosher jumping off the arm of the loveseat and catching him in my arms. He has yet to learn about the rules of gravity, as I have been lucky enough to catch him every time he does this.

When his paws are on the ground, Kosher likes to swim at the beach, play fetch for hours, and go to the dog park to play with the other dogs.

The quirkiest issue I have with Kosher is that he won't eat if his food is in a bowl, plate or any form of container. He prefers his food be served directly from the floor on his placemat. He eats dry dog food, and has no issues with his water being in, or drinking from his water bowl.

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Tooooooooo cute.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Kosher is so sweet looking. I have 7 minis and they all have their own quirks and personalities.
I love the breed and wouldn't have any other type of dog. They are soooooooo devoted and loving.

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

He's the cutest! Don't you just love their attitude? His (attitude) seems to be perfect.

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