Miniature Schnauzer Daisy

by Kedron Pogue
(Dallas, TX)

Miniature Schnauzer Daisy

Miniature Schnauzer Daisy

Daisy is 6 years old and she is queen of the house. In fact, we are so proud and happy that she continues to allow us to live with her. :)

Daisy is a great watch dog. She alerts us to anything unusual going on outside of the house especially when those pesky Pugs next door are outside. Daisy and her sister Lucy (another Mini Schnauzer, of course) immediately let those Pugs know who is boss.

Schnauzer of the Month Winner Daisy

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Sammy our black Miniature Schnauzer
by: Jean Brown

Daisy is very cute.
We have Sammy a black five year old Miniature Schnauzer. Sammy is very mellow due to a heart murmur. No one wanted him with his condition. We fell in love with him the moment we visited him at the breeder's home. He loves setting under chairs and can easily hide away with his dark coloring. He doesn't have a lot of energy due to his condition but we take him for walks and when he tires he sets down and looks up for us to carry him. We've carried him home many times. When we ask for a hug (which is often)he snuggles up on our shoulder and lays his head on us. He is so spoiled and so are we.

A bright star!
by: Kory

I know miniature schnauzers are the best..she's showing her intelligence and, if I'm not I see a bit of mischieviousness in those eyes???
She's thinking "something"....You're so lucky to have her.

Beautiful Schnauzer
by: carol ann

Daisy is so beautiful. Congratulations on winning Schnauzer of the Month!

by: Braylynn

I love this picture. Daisy has an awesome ear set. She is super cute too!

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

Daisy is a little beauty! She has great coloring, and a nice sparkle in her eyes!

Cutest Schnauzer ever.....
by: Aunt Lisa Lou

Daisy has allowed me to be her aunt for several years. She gets sooo excited when I come to visit at her house. She's like a like a ball that keeps bouncing all around because she gets so excited to have company. Of course, she thinks I am only there to visit her! Her Mom & Dad take extra special care of she and her two sisters, Lucy & Tasha. I would venture to say that Daisy is the cutest schnauzer EVER!!!!

Schnauzer Fan
by: Mick

I love the Minis. Have two of my own. And yes, they are in charge of everything going on in our home. Daisy is a particularly gorgeous young lady. Classic beauty!

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