Labrador Retriever Tux

by Cathey
(Blackfoot, ID, USA)

A Very Happy Tux

A Very Happy Tux

We just love Rescue pets and have adopted 3 dogs and 2 cats from our favorite humane society.
Tux is the latest addition to our family. He was surrendered when his owner was feeling overwhelmed breeding Labrador Retrievers. We call Tux our Mini Lab. He has the retrieving drive, just throw the tennis ball. Throw it again and again. He will lay down when he needs a break. But he is much smaller than breed standard with lots of white markings. An obvious oops litter.

Tux is such a sweet boy, smart and eager to learn. In fact our Mini Schnauzers (Zoe & Drover) have taught him to bark at almost anything and Zoe has taught him to squeal. :-/

Tux is a Velcro boy like my Drover. He follows me wherever I go.
He has gradually settled into being a house dog. I think he lived outside at his previous home. He was startled by common sounds in our house. He jumped when a face appeared on the TV. Quick movements would cause him to jump too. He was also afraid to come in the back door when we first brought him home. He is much better and seems comfortable now.

Tux is at the bottom of the dog pile here but he is a fun guy. He just ignores Drover when he sounds growly and mean. Tux and Zoe love to play tug-o-war with each other.

Make your next pet a rescued pet!

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by: The Sassy 7 Pack

That's OK Tux. You don't have to be breed standard to be loved, isn't that right? Glad you got such a good forever home with Drover and Zoe. They are the greatest too.

by: KG~Ebenezer's "mom"

What a lovely boy! Big spirit ~ small body!! Lucky you!

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