Free Online Games - Schnauzer Style

You deserve a break so relax a bit and try a few of these free online games! Featuring a crossword; word search; jigsaw puzzle; and a printer-friendly connect-the-dots game for your kids too!

Schnauzer Themed Crossword Puzzle - All answers going ACROSS and DOWN have something to do with Schnauzers, even though the clue may not hint to it. Can you solve it?

Schnauzer Word Search There are 15 words hidden in the search puzzle. Can you find them all?

Miniature Schnauzer Puzzle game Use your mouse to move around the pieces of the puzzle to solve a Miniature Schnauzer picture! For a hint, see what the puzzle will look like once complete by clicking on the Thumbnail tab in the top left corner of the puzzle.

Connect the Dots Here's a printable Mini Schnauzer Connect-the-Dots game for kids. Connect-the-Dots is a great way for kids to learn their numbers as they draw a line connecting one dot to the other in the right number order. After all 48 dots have been connected, they can color their Mini Schnauzer.

Schnauzer Crossword Puzzle

If you get stuck, ask your facebook friends to help you play along. See comments section at bottom of page. Or if you like print the Schnauzer crossword puzzle to work on it.

Schnauzer Word Search Puzzle

Can you find all 15 words? HINT: Remember all the words used are somehow associated with Schnauzers. Find a word and post an answer in the comments section below.

You can also choose to print the Schnauzer Word Search and work on it at your leisure. 14 of the 15 words are listed to help you out. Advanced word search players may find even more words.

Schnauzer Jigsaw Puzzle

Have fun with this Schnauzer jigsaw puzzle. Just click on the pieces and move them about until you complete the picture.

Simply click on the photo below and a new page will open for a printer-friendly version of the game. Kids can then connects-the-dots in the right numerical order and afterwards color in their Mini Schnauzer drawing.

Mini Schnauzer Connect-the-Dots drawing

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