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February 2011 Schnauzer Winner...
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Sophie & Sammy
Schnauzer of the Month

A big thank you to all our contestants for sharing such wonderful photos of your Miniature Schnauzer with us. Judges always have such a difficult task in choosing just one winning photo from so many cuties!

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Miniature Schnauzer Butch  starstarstarstarstar
This is Butch. He is one year old, and is my favorite creature in the whole world.

Miniature Schnauzer Roxy  starstarstarstarstar
Roxy became a part of the family shortly after my husband was deployed to Iraq. She is now 3 years old. She was born in Germany, and is a world traveler....

Miniature Schnauzer Daisy Mae  starstarstarstarstar
Daisy Mae is a 5 year old female. She came into our life when she was 4 months old. We have fallen in love with her! She is not only a loyal protector ...

Miniature Schnauzer Toby  starstarstarstarstar
I rescued Toby from a shelter a few weeks before Christmas. He will be 2 in June and I can not imagine my life without him! He is very very sweet and ...

Miniature Schnauzer Hanz  starstarstarstarstar

Hanz is a very special schnauzer who pawsitively lives his life to the fullest. He wags his way into hospitals to cheer up patients with his canine comical ...

Miniature Schnauzer Bogie  starstarstarstarstar
Bogie came to us to be a friend for my Labradoodle named Lola. He is the perfect playmate for her and also loves our long walks through the woods and ...

Miniature Schnauzer Jacob  starstarstarstarstar
Jacob is the newest edition to our family. We have had him 2 days now and already he's a joy. Jacob has got the best personality, and loves to give lots ...

Miniature Schnauzer Sookie  starstarstarstarstar
Sookie is the most loving dog. Sookie is 9 months old and she loves to cuddle. Most of all she loves to play in the snow. My husband takes her to a dog ...

Miniature Schnauzer Rose  starstarstarstarstar
Rose was born December 12, 2007.
Rose LOVES any sort of treats, eating, snow, dancing, shaking, playing with her rope, wearing her jackets, looking pretty,...

Miniature Schnauzer Tito  starstarstarstarstar
Tito is a native Texan born in the East Texas area. He was born in January 2010, and picked up on February 27, 2010. My son and I were so excited to ...

Miniature Schnauzer Schultz  starstarstarstarstar
Schultz came into our family three weeks ago. He shows us daily what is really important in life. We can see his excitement when he discovers something ...

Miniature Schnauzer Gracie   starstarstarstarstar

Gracie is a female, she was born on July 7,2010 We have only had Gracie for about 2 weeks. She is so sweet. She loves to cuddle. We went to a pet store,...

Miniature Schnauzer Weezy  starstarstarstarstar
Weezy was a gift from my fiance at Christmas. I have always wanted one. She is loving, energetic, lots and fun and keeps our basset hound, Bella, in ...

Miniature Schnauzers Sophie and Sammy  starstarstarstarstar
They are our beautiful AKC Chocolate and White Parti Miniature Schnauzers

They love to play with each other and play tug a war with ropes. They are ...

Miniature Schnauzer Luna Bonita  starstarstarstarstar
Luna Bonita, was born in Venezuela in 2007. She is 3 years old. We were looking for a pet for our daughter; she was an allergic kid so we needed a special ...

Miniature Schnauzer King Milo  starstarstarstarstar
king milo is a very sweet boy he loves to cuddle with his family and watch tv we sometimes forget he is a dog and not a person

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