Merry Christmas to Y'all

by Gerald Stevens
(Gilmer, TX)

Gonna catch That Guy and Lick Him All Over

Gonna catch That Guy and Lick Him All Over

Gonna catch That Guy and Lick Him All Over
This gift box is dads idea
This is my big sister Shayna

Well This is my first Christmas. Dad explained it all to me and told me the story, I didn't believe it when Shayna and BZ told me, but when dad told me, I believe it.

I’m waiting for Santa and I’m going to lick up his face and nibble his ear lobes. Dad got goofy with his camera again and took a whole bunch of pictures of his furry kids, cat included, he (the cat) didn't give a darn, I just don’t understand his attitude at all, no fun at all. Oh well cats are weird anyway.

Mini Schnauzer Danka II - Her story from the beginning. See original entry and Danka II at just a few months old.

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