Dog Digging

by Carolyn
(Amarillo, Texas)

 digging Schnauzer, Buddy

digging Schnauzer, Buddy

My 14 week old schnauzer puppy, Buddy, will not stop digging. I don't usually leave him out alone but sometimes I need to go get the phone or go to the restroom. When I get back his little snout and both front feet are covered in dirt. I then look for the spot where he was digging and I ask buddy, Did you do that? he looks at me with those dark eyes and turns his head as to say.....Who me?

My last Schnauzer, Lucy was the PERFECT girl. I never had any problems out of her. Buddy is smart. He is crate trained and is housebroken. He will alert me when he needs to go out. He knows sit and are you hungry. He is learning more everyday. But this digging, I dont know what to do. When he looks at me I just melt. Please help me if you can. I'm in love with this little guy and I don't want him to be scared of me.

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earth dogs
by: Schnauzers Rule

They do like to dig as they are earth dogs or those bred to dig to get their prey (small terriers and dachshunds mainly)

digging schnauzers
by: Bessie Favell

I still didn't get my questioned answered.

Do all size schnauzers have a penchant for digging, or is it just the miniature.

Thank you

Digging schnauzers
by: Bessie Favell

What I want to find out.

Is it just miniature schnauzers that like to dig or do the other sized schnauzers dig too.

Thank you

Why is he Digging?
by: Schnauzers Rule

Hi Carolyn,

Do you have any idea why Buddy is digging? Perhaps he's hot and trying to create a cool spot to rest? Or is he digging to get out? Is he digging for attention? Or just because he likes it? If you can isolate why he is digging, you will be able to put a stop to it.

In the meantime, when you let Buddy outside, the minute he starts to digs say Uh-uh and take him inside. Wait 5 minutes and then let him out again. Wait for him to start digging and again say uh uh and take him back inside. If you do this every single time he starts to dig, he'll figure out if he wants to stay outside he cannot dig.

Let me know how this works out for you.


still digging!
by: Anonymous

I am at the end of my rope! I don't know what to do. I have tried putting Buddy's poop where he digs, he just picks a different spot. He always has water, and I never leave him out for very long alone. I can be out with him and I turn my back to do something and he will dig a big hole in no time flat. Buddy is not my first schnauzer and wont be my last, but... I NEED HELP!

Still digging
by: Buddy's Mom

Buddy is now 9 months old. I sure do love this lil guy! Although he stills digs in the yard I wouldnt trade him for anything! I have tried EVERYTHING to stop this digging. He knows he has done wrong when I ask him if he did this while pointing at the hole. he looks at me with a dirty nose and then ducks his head down...He is a little spitfire of amazing energy.I LOVE MY BUDDY!!!

schnauzer digging
by: Anonymous

the poop idea is a good one and works if your dog digs in one or 2 spots. could be he is trying to create a cool spot to lie on. find him an area under a tree and put down a doggy mat. if your Schnauzer digs all over the yard it could be he is just bored and needs more exercise.

Dog Digging
by: Carolyn

Thank you so much. I did as you said so we will see. My last Schnauzer girl was perfect. I never had any problems with her so I really didnt know what to do . Thanks so much... I LOVE ALL SCHNAUZERS!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Our schnauzer is a year and a half. She looks just like Buddy. Except we had her ears trimmed. When she was much younger she dug a little. Our vet suggested we put some of her waste in the spot and cover it lightly with dirt. It worked and we have not had any more problems. Hope this helps.

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