December 21, 2010

Just sending out a short ezine to wish you all Seasons Greetings! We have a special card for you below!

2011 Here We Come

Schnauzers Rule wants to thank each and everyone of you for helping our site grow into the place to visit if you want to learn about Miniature Schnauzers. You inspire us daily with your ideas, stories, and photos.

We want to continue to provide you with quality information in our monthly newsletters as well, so we need your help. We would like to ask each of you to please fill out the Tips & Ideas Form to let us know what you would like to see in our newsletters.

If you like it the way it is - great! Just fill in the form and say so. But if you have any suggestions for upcoming issues, this is the time to let us know. We know everyone is busy and probably subscribes to lots of different ezines. It can be overwhelming when you receive so many every day. So we only send out 12 newsletters a year (once a month).

Currently we cover the following in our ezines:

  • Any important dog news or food recalls we learn about
  • Health Tips
  • Training Tips
  • Tributes to those who Crossed Rainbow Bridge
  • Schnauzer of the Month Winners
  • Treats & dog food recipes
  • Monthly pet events
  • Popular dog items

So if you would like more or less of one these topics or have any other suggestions, just fill in the Tips & Ideas Form.

Christmas Schnauzers

Be sure to share your Schnauzer Christmas Photos with us!

Can't wait to see your cutie!

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Schnauzer Holiday Greeting

Schnauzer Tributes

Since our last newsletter, two more Tributes were written to honor the lives of beloved companions who crossed Rainbow Bridge. Please take a few moments to read these tributes and post a kind supportive remark to the owners who must miss their dog terribly.

A Tribute to Greta

A Tribute to Charley

We also have a Candle Lighting Page, Pet Loss Poems, & a list of Words of Sympathy & Encouragement you can use when sending a Miniature Schnauzer Sympathy e-card.

pet loss, dog sympathy

  • Light a virtual candle for a beloved Schnauzer
  • Visit Pet Loss Poems for encouragement.
  • Words of Sympathy & Encouragement to send to family and friends who have lost a beloved pet.
  • Send a FREE Miniature Schnauzer Sympathy ecard.

  • 2011 Miniature Schnauzer Calendar

    schnauzer, 2011 schnauzer calendar, miniature schnauzer 2011 calendar Don't forget to order a 2011 Miniature Schnauzer Calendar featuring all of our very own 'Schnauzer of the Month Winners'... Zeike • Zoey Mei Li • Velvet Birdee • Lucy-Belle • Max Elliot • Gumby • Maverick • Roody • Petey • Barksdale • Cali • Baggins

    What a great Calendar of Miniature Schnauzers! Be sure to enter your Miniature Schnauzer in our Schnauzer of the Month contests for a chance to be in our calendar next year!

    note: We're looking for great photos that are clear, uncluttered, with good lighting.... And previous winners are still eligible so be sure and re-enter! Learn how to take great photos of your dog.

    Have a Schnauzer Christmas right down to the postage stamp! christmas schnauzers, schnauzer stamp, schnauzer postage
    Schnauzer Xmas Postage

    Check out these top selling Schnauzer Christmas Gifts

    And the most treasured gift of all....... quality time spent with you!

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